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Yaw Rate Gyroscope Sensor V1.0

Compatible with products and accessories.

Enhances autonomous movement and feedback from a VEX robot by detecting a robot’s rotation from its origin on a single axis.

  • Single-axis gyroscopic sensor
  • Detects a rotation of up to + / - 1000 degrees per second
  • Connects to analog inputs on VEX ARM® Cortex®-based Microcontroller

Connecting the Yaw Rate Gyroscope

Connect the Yaw Rate Gyro to an analog input on the VEX Microcontroller using a standard servo extension cable. The black (ground) wire goes adjacent to the 'B' silkscreened on the board. The center wire is for +5 volts. The white wire is signal. The mounting holes are electrically isolated from the circuit.

  • (1) Yaw Rate Gyroscope Sensor V1.0
  • Measures rotational rate in degrees per second (dps) and outputs a proportional analog value.
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