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Swept Away Classroom Bundle


Bring the magic of competitive robotics into your classroom with one purchase.

This discounted, turn-key "super bundle" allows you to implement a STEM program into your class in one easy step. It includes everything you need to build six robots and the Swept Away field and game object set - $300 in savings!

Includes (6) Classroom & Competition Mechatronics Kits and (1) Swept Away Field Kit.

  • (6) Classroom & Competition Mechatronics Kits
  • (6) Clawbot Robot Kits (4 motors per kit)
  • (6) VEXnet System Bundles
  • (6) Additional 2-Wire Motor 393
  • (6) Robot Battery, Joystick Batteries and Chargers
  • (1) Swept Away Field Kit (field perimeter and game objects)
  • Bring Competition into the Classroom

    VEX robots are extremely engaging to begin with, but when a competitive component is added to a robotics program, the results can be astounding. Students become even more motivated, creative, focused and solutions oriented. We've seen this time and time again when teachers utilize VEX's co-curricular Classroom Competition, Swept Away.

    This bundle includes everything needed for a complete robotics program for 24-30 students. The included VEX EDR curriculum helps educators start teaching with VEX, from the basics of engineering, robotics and design all the way up to a semester ending classroom competition using the included game, Swept Away.

    The VEX Classroom Competition uses the same game every year; teachers can evolve their lesson plans as their comfort level and expertise grows without worrying about adapting to a new "twist" each year. The game used is called Swept Away.

    Everything about Swept Away is designed for the classroom.

    • Exciting back-and-forth play at all skill levels
    • Variety of engineering problems
    • Fun and challenging for both beginners and experts
    • Easy to learn, tough to master - accessible without being limiting


    Matches are played on an 8 ft x 8 ft square field with a dividing wall down the center. One robot is placed on each side of the field with twelve 4" foam soccer balls and six foam footballs. The object of the game is simple: get as many balls onto your opponent's side of the field as possible during a 2-minute match.

    • (4) Field Perimeter Corners
    • (4) Field Perimeter Walls
    • (2) Dividing Walls
    • (2) Goals
    • (12) Orange Foam Footballs
    • (24) Green Foam Soccer Balls