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Sprockets & Chain

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Compatible with products and accessories.
VRC, VEX U, VAIC legal.

Simply the best way to transfer power over long distances on a VEX EDR robot. Sprockets come in a variety of sizes for different ratio possibilities. Each chain link is also a master link, which allows for quick and painless substitution. The standard Sprocket & Chain Kit is designed to carry moderate loads, while the High Strength Chain & Sprocket Kit is capable of lifting up 50 pounds!

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Sprocket & Chain Kit

The Sprocket & Chain Kit includes five different sprocket sizes that allow for a variety of ratios, and 4 feet of chain. Great for any application where you need to transfer power across long distances.

For more information about reductions click here or here for other cool applications of sprockets.

  • Transfers power effectively over long distances.
  • Designed to carry moderate loads.
  • Every section of chain is a master link.
  • (14) Sprockets in (5) Sizes.
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Sprocket & Chain Kit (276-2166)
(2) 10T Sprockets (.526" diameter)
(4) 15T Sprockets (.75" diameter)
(4) 24T Sprockets (1.18" diameter)
(2) 40T Sprockets (1.93" diameter)
(2) 48T Sprockets (2.3" diameter)
(326) Chain Links = 48" (1,219 mm) of chain


Chain Links Weight - 0.008 lbs/ft (3.63 grams/ft)
1 ft = 80 links

Chain Length - (326) Chain Links provide approximately 48" of chain

Master Links - Every link can act as a master link to make chains of any length

Chain Width - Links are 0.25" Wide

Mounting Holes - 0.175" diameter

Compatible with 0.125" Drive Shafts