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FTC Motor Mounts

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Mount almost any FTC motor or gearbox to the V5 construction system using one our V5 FTC mounts. These brackets allow you to mount some of the most popular motors and gearboxes in FTC in almost any way you can imagine.

Besides making it easy to mount your FTC motors, these brackets put the axis of rotation ‘on pitch’ with the rest of the V5 system. This means that it’ll not only be easier to use a motor with other parts of the V5 construction system, but that you can change out motors and gearboxes without having to completely redesign a mechanism. 

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V5 VersaPlanetary Mount (2-pack) V5 VersaPlanetary Mount (2-pack)

V5 VersaPlanetary Mount (217-7762)

  • (2) V5 VersaPlanetary Mounts


  • Aluminum

V5 VersaPlanetary Mount (217-7762)

  • .045 lbs


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