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1/4" Square Shaft & Hardware

1/4" Square Shaft & Hardware

We heard you like shaft options, so we gave you another. The 1/4" square shafts are compatible with most VEX EDR wheels and gears. They provide enough torque transfer to handle most FTC applications and are small enough that you can still design them into your robot instead of designing your robot around them.

NOTE: 1/4" High Strength Shafts can only be used with 1/4" accessories, including:

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High Strength Shaft

Product Name Availability Price Qty
2" High Strength Shaft (4-Pack)

In Stock

3" High Strength Shaft (4-Pack)

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4" High Strength Shaft (4-Pack)

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12" High Strength Shaft (4-Pack)

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High Strength Shaft Hardware

Product Name Availability Price Qty
High Strength Shaft Bearing (10-Pack)

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High Strength Shaft Spacer Kit

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High Strength Clamping Shaft Collar (10-Pack)

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1/4" High Strength Shafts are tougher, stronger, and ready for even the most stressful robotic applications. These thicker shafts are more resistant to both twisting and bending fatigue, meaning that you should have no fear of designing high-torque gearboxes or high-impact drivetrains.

  • Works with all VEX EDR High Strength Gears
  • Works with the 3.25" Omni Wheel and 3.25" Traction Wheel
  • Four lengths: 2", 3", 4", 12"
  • Use the 12" to make your own custom length shafts

Removable High Strength Shaft Inserts for High Strength Gears and some wheels that allow for versatility in user application. Switch from a driven gear (square hole) to a free spinning one (round hole) in seconds.

  • Increased versatility during design and construction
  • Free spinning plastic and high strength metal inserts available
  • Fits VEX EDR drive shafts (0.125" square bars)

The High Strength Shaft Bearing is a larger version of the Bearing Flat that is designed for the 0.25" High Strength Shafts.

VEX EDR 2", 3", and 4" High Strength Shafts are actually designed about 1mm shorter than their respective 2", 3", and 4" 8-32 Standoffs.

This means that if you use standoffs to hold together two pieces of metal, the High Strength Shaft can rest on High Strength Shaft Bearings attached to those two pieces without any cutting required.

High Strength Spacers are designed for use on VEX EDR High Strength Shafts. Spacers are often used to properly position objects on a shaft or to reduce friction between rotating objects.

  • Four sizes available
  • Eliminate slop on shafts
  • Add space between metal parts

High Strength Shaft Collars are designed to fit onto High Strength Shafts. This clamping-style collar uses standard VEX EDR button head screws and nuts to maintain a tight lock without scratching or damaging the shaft.

  • Designed specifically for VEX EDR High Strength Shafts
  • Standard VEX EDR screws use a 3/32" allen key
  • Clamping collar is easily adjustable without damaging shaft
Kit Contents

High Strength Shaft (Sold Separately)

  • (4) High Strength Shaft 2" Long (276-3440)
  • (4) High Strength Shaft 3" Long (276-3522)
  • (4) High Strength Shaft 4" Long (276-3523)
  • (4) High Strength Shaft 12" Long (276-3524)

  • (8) Plastic Shaft Inserts
  • (8) Metal Shaft Inserts

High Strength Shaft Bearing (276-3521)

  • (10) High Strength Shaft Bearings

High Strength Shaft Spacer Kit (276-3441)

  • (30) 1/16" High Strength Shaft Spacer
  • (20) 1/8" High Strength Shaft Spacer
  • (10) 1/4" High Strength Shaft Spacer
  • (10) 1/2" High Strength Shaft Spacer

High Strength Clamping Shaft Collar (276-3520)

  • (10) High Strength Clamping Shaft Collar
  • (10) #8-32 x 0.625" Button Head Screw
  • (10) #8-32 Nylock Nut
CAD File

High Strength Shaft

High Strength Shaft Bearing

High Strength Shaft Spacer Kit

High Strength Clamping Shaft Collar

High Strength Shaft
  • 2" Shaft Weight - 0.03 lbs (13.6 grams)
  • 3" Shaft Weight - 0.05 lbs (22.7 grams)
  • 4" Shaft Weight - 0.07 lbs (31.8 grams)
  • 12" Shaft Weight - 0.20 lbs (90.9 grams)

All listed weights are actual weights of one item (no packaging)

Material Type
High Strength Shaft
  • 1018 Steel

High Strength Shaft Bearing (276-3521)
  • Unreinforced Nylon

High Strength Shaft Spacer Kit (276-3441)
  • Acetal

High Strength Clamping Shaft Collar (276-3520)
  • Glass-Filled Nylon
High Strength Shaft
  • Compatible with HS Gears, HS Shaft Hardware, 3.25"
    Traction wheels, and 3.25" Omni-Directional Wheels

High Strength Shaft Bearing (276-3521)
  • Compatible with High Strength Shafts (0.25" square bars)

High Strength Shaft Spacer Kit (276-3441)
  • Compatible with ONLY High Strength Shafts (0.25" square bars)

High Strength Clamping Shaft Collar (276-3520)
  • Compatible with ONLY High Strength Shafts (0.25" square bars)
Other Info
High Strength Shaft
  • Size - 0.25" (6.35mm) Square Bar

High Strength Shaft Spacer Kit (276-3441)
  • Diameter - 0.39" (10mm)
  • Hole - .25" square
  • Height - .0625", 0.125", 0.25", 0.5"