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VersaFrame Linear Motion

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FRC, VEX U legal.

The VersaFrame is a construction system that allows teams to build an upper frame in whatever configuration they can imagine. Pre-drilled holes on a standard 1" pitch are designed to be used with #8 screws and 5/32" rivets, and can be easily drilled out for larger hardware. No need for precision fabrication capability - with just a saw and a drill, any team can build light-weight world-class frames.

VersaFrame Linear Motion Gussets allow for seamless integration into designs incorporating lifts or other motion elements. The VersaFrame Roller Chain Mount provides a simple yet effective method of directly attaching structural parts to #25 or #35 chain. In tandem, these components can be used to create elegant linear elevators and other moving sub-systems.

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VersaFrame Linear Motion Gusset Kit VersaFrame Linear Motion Gusset Kit
VersaFrame Roller Chain Mount (2-pack) VersaFrame Roller Chain Mount (2-pack)

VersaFrame Linear Elevator Parts

During Build Blitz 2015, two new parts were designed for that year's FRC game, Recycle Rush. The VersaFrame Roller Chain Mount is designed to bolt directly onto #25 or #35 chain, and the VersaFrame Linear Motion Gusset Kit helps enable a quick and simple sliding mechanism. While these parts were produced during Build Blitz to construct a linear elevator, it is possible to create a vast array of moving mechanisms with them. Download the STEP file from the Build Blitz 2015 Linear Elevator here.

For a detailed BOM with parts necessary to construct
a linear elevator, see the drawing for 217-4399.

(Note: Some McMaster parts required)

VersaFrame Linear Motion Gusset Kit:
(2) Dual 0.875" Bearing Plate
(2) Dual 0.5" Bearing Plate

VersaFrame Roller Chain Mount:
(2) VersaFrame Roller Chain Mounting Gussets

5052 Aluminum


VersaFrame Linear Motion Gusset Kit (217-4399) - .17 lbs
VersaFrame Roller Chain Mount (217-4400) - .022 lbs

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