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VersaFrame Examples

This chassis provides the “West Coast”-style drivetrain in a very versatile package. The chassis itself is assembled using 2” x 1” VersaFrame tubes and sheet-metal gusset plates. Designers can configure it into a variety of shapes & configurations using nothing but a saw and hand drill. Users can easily mount any of the VEXpro or West Coast Products gearboxes & wheels with VersaBlocks.

2 + 2

Simple, maneuverable drive base using two Omni Wheels.

Six Wheel Drive

Common drive style using a 3 CIM Ball Shifter and chain.

Mecanum Wheel Drive

Clamping gearboxes efficiently drive independent mecanum wheels.


Easily configurable West Coast Style drivetrain utilizing WCP SS Gearboxes.

VersaRollers & Flex Wheels

Developed in collaboration with West Coast ProductsVersaRollers and Flex Wheels were designed to give FIRST teams more... flexibility in their designs. VersaRollers can be used as a feeder or an intake roller, while Flex Wheels can be stretched over a VersaRoller tube or driven indepently via a VersaPulley or VersaHub.

VersaHex Adapters


Flex Wheel with VersaPulley

Flex Wheel with VersaHub

Common VersaRoller

VersaRoller Floor

Idler Roller

VersaRoller Long Hex

VersaRoller Short Hex

VersaPlanetary Examples

The VersaPlanetary is a battle-tested modular planetary gearbox system designed specifically for use in the FIRST® Robotics market. Designers choose one of four output shafts, configure a single-stage planetary using one of six different reductions, or build a multi-stage gearbox using any of the different ratio combinations.

VersaPlanetary & Spool

VersaDM & 90° Drive

CoAxial Drive

270° Drive

#TeamIFI Examples

TeamIFI is a group of highly respected FRC teams, sponsored by VEX Robotics' parent company, Innovation First. These teams consistenly inspire the FRC community with their ingeneious and effective solutions. In the interest of benefitting the community, these teams have shared CAD files and other resources such as white papers, award guides and software libraries.

Thanks again to all of our TeamIFI teams!


World Championship Wins


District / Regional / Division Wins


Technical Awards


District / Regional / Championship Chairman's Awards

Additional Examples & Guides

VEXpro KOP Integration

1:1 Gear Reference Guide

Match Drill Guide

Drill & Tap Chart

VEXpro Family Tree

JVN's Gearbox Calculator

VersaFrame Shoulder Joint

VersaChassis Mini Examples

The VersaChassis Mini gives teams the freedom to design almost any kind of drive system they could want. The lightweight system maximizes the robot’s power-to-weight ratio, which means you can use less power accelerating and moving your robot, and more power playing the game and scoring points.

The VersaChassis Mini can be customized to fit a variety of VEX V5 or VEXpro wheels, in one of three different wheel set-ups. These include a standard 4 Wheel Drive, 6 Wheel Drive, and an H-Drive.

4WD Traction

4WD Omni-Directional

6WD Traction


D-Shaft Adapter Hub Examples

D Shaft Adapter Hubs bridge the gap between different building systems commonly used by the FTC community, allowing for easier accessibility to VEX V5 gears and wheels.

  • A perfect standalone hub for any wheel, sprocket, or gear from Tetrix, AndyMark or Actobotics
  • Attaching a VEX V5 High Strength Gear to a Tetrix wheel when you want to use a lightweight gear
  • Attaching a VEX V5 High Strength Sprocket to a Tetrix wheel as a lightweight option for chain drives

VEXpro + VEX V5 Examples

The following robot builds utilize products from both the VEXpro and VEX V5 product lines. These examples are intended to show the compatibility between the two lines, with the end result being a robot that is legal (sans the electronics and control system) for FTC and / or VEX U.

Relic Recovery
Example Robot

VEX U Legal
Example Robot

Double Reverse Four Bar Example Robot