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The Only Motor You'll Ever Need

Integrated motor controller. Integrated Encoder. Built-in cooling port.
Falcon Shaft. Reverse polarity protection. The list goes on and on.

  • 2" Bolt Circle - CIM mounting pattern
  • 400W Power @ 40A / 12VDC
  • 87% @ Peak Efficiency
    • >80% efficiency from 7A - 40A
  • Integrated Talon FX Motor Controller
    • CAN or PWM
    • Limit Switch Connector
    • On-board motion control with Motion Magic
    • Built-in motor temperature sensor
  • 14T Splined Output Shaft
  • Optional cooling port
  • 1.1 lbs, total weight

The Falcon 500, powered by Talon FX, was co-developed through a collaborative partnership between VEX Robotics and Cross the Road Electronics. This is the same partnership that brought the cutting edge Talon SRX and Victor SPX to the FIRST® Robotics Competition.

Designed to give teams previously unheard of amounts of power and efficiency, the Falcon 500 reduces size, weight, and common failure points of other motors in the market.

Simply put, it will change the FIRST® Robotics Competition as we all know it.

The Proof is in the Numbers.

See how the Falcon 500 stacks up against other brushless motors in the FRC market.

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Falcon 500, Powered by Talon FX NEO + Spark Max
Dimensions 60mm (2.36”) Diameter
x 81mm (3.18”) Long
NEO: 60mm (2.36”) Diameter
x 58.25mm (2.29”) Long

Spark Max: 70mm (2.75”) x 35mm (1.38”) x 25.5mm (1.00”)
Volume 199.54 cm^3
(12.17 in^3)
227.47 cm^3
(13.88 in^3)
Weight 1.1lbs
Output Shaft 14T, 0.5 Module Spline Shaft 8mm Round w/ 2mm Key
Free Speed RPM 6380 RPM 5880 RPM
Free Current 1.5A 1.3A
Power @ 40A / 12VDC 400W (83% Efficient) 370W (77% Efficient)
Peak Efficiency 87% (294W In) 87% (193W In)
Peak Power 783W 516W
Stall Torque 4.69Nm 3.36Nm
Stall Current 257A 166A
Cooling Port Yes No
Controller Interface Integrated 3 Phase Wires + Sensor Cable
Communication Protocols PWM, CAN PWM, CAN
Direct Sensor Input Over CAN Yes, not in brushless mode
Nominal Voltage 12VDC 12VDC
PWM Input Pulse 1-2 ms Nominal
PWM Input Rate 2.9-100 ms
Minimum Throttle (Deadband) Adjustable 0.1-25% (4% Default) Adjustable (5% Default)
Encoder Feedback 2048 CPR Encoder 42 CPR Hall Effect Sensor
Reverse Polarity Protection Yes No


Power Up.

The most powerful motor in FRC history

The Falcon 500 gives teams more power than ever before by producing 400W at 40A.

Use a single motor in applications where you would have previously needed two or even three.

Reduce cost, free up spots on the Power Distribution Panel, and do more with your robot!

Motor Power (Efficiency)
@ 40A / 12VDC
Power (Efficiency)
@ 30A / 12VDC
Power (Efficiency)
@ 20A / 12VDC
Power (Efficiency)
@ 10A / 12VDC
Falcon 500 400 W (83.3%) 306 W (85.0%) 203 W (84.5%) 100 W (83.3%)
NEO 370 W (77.0%) 297 W (82.5%) 202 W (84.1%) 98 W (81.6%)
CIM 277 W (57.7%) 227 W (63.0%) 157 W (65.4%) 70 W (58.3%)
Mini CIM 211 W (43.9%) 185 W (51.3%) 137 W (57.0%) 54 W (45.0%)
775pro 290 W (60.4%) 240 W (66.6%) 171 W (71.2%) 90 W (75.0%)
BAG 111 W (23.1%) 146 W (40.5%) 137 W (57.0%) 80 W (66.6%)

Efficiency is King

Taking robot performance to the next level

The FIRST Robotics Competition is a fixed power environment where you are limited to a single battery. The only way to get more power out of your motors is to improve their efficiency. Higher efficiency means more of the energy stored in your battery is being converted to mechanical power, and not being lost to heat.

The Falcon 500 is greater than 80% efficient throughout most of the FRC operating range (7-40A).

  • 6.5% more efficient than any other brushless motors in FRC
  • 27% more efficient on average than FRC legal brushed motors

Packaging Game Changer

More power in a smaller footprint

Finding space for motor controllers is always a challenge, but the Falcon 500's integrated motor controller means you no longer need to worry about it. Make your electrical layout easier and provide more space within your robot.

The Falcon 500 is smaller than a Mini CIM, and as light as a 775pro + Talon SRX, so there's no need to worry about making room to fit it into your robot.

Adaptable to Any Situation

A motor worth the weight

The Falcon 500 is not simply a drivetrain motor, its form factor, power and reliability make it the perfect motor for any FRC application.

While teams can save significant weight using the Falcon 500 on their drivetrain, you can also use it for your specialized mechanisms to give yourself more power and reliability without sacrificing valuable weight.

Motors on Robot1 Total Weight % of Robot
Weight (120 lbs)
Available Power @ 20A Power-to-Weight
Ratio @ 20A (W/lbs)
10x 775pro 10.9 lbs 9.08% 1,710 W 156.88 W/lbs
4x Falcon 500 / 6x 775pro 10.94 lbs 9.12% 1,838 W 168.00 W/lbs
6x Falcon 500 / 4x 775pro 10.96 lbs 9.13% 1,902 W 173.54 W/lbs
8x Falcon 500 / 2x 775pro 10.98 lbs 9.15% 1,966 W 179.05 W/lbs
10x Falcon 500 11 lbs 9.17% 2,030 W 184.54 W/lbs
4x NEO / 6x 775pro 11.34 lbs 9.45% 1,834 W 161.72 W/lbs
6x NEO / 4x 775pro 11.56 lbs 9.63% 1,896 W 164.01 W/lbs
8x NEO / 2x 775pro 11.78 lbs 9.82% 1,958 W 166.21 W/lbs
10x NEO 12 lbs 10.00% 2,020 W 168.33 W/lbs
4x CIM / 4x 775pro / 2x BAG 18.54 lbs 15.45% 1,586 W 85.54 W/lbs
4x CIM / 6x 775pro 18.78 lbs 15.65% 1,654 W 88.07 W/lbs
4x CIM / 2x Mini CIM / 4x 775pro 21.44 lbs 17.87% 1,586 W 73.97 W/lbs
6x Mini CIM / 4x 775pro 18.88 lbs 15.73% 1,506 W 79.77 W/lbs
4x Mini CIM / 4x 775pro / 2x BAG 15.98 lbs 13.32% 1,506 W 94.24 W/lbs
6x CIM / 4x 775pro 22.72 lbs 18.93% 1,626 W 71.57 W/lbs

1NEO is combined weight of NEO and Spark Max. CIM / Mini-CIM / 775pro / BAG is weight of motor plus Talon SRX

The Falcon's Talon

Bringing Motion Magic to the brushless world

The Talon FX is built upon years of development in motor controller technology from Cross the Road Electronics. The Talon FX is the next evolution of the Talon family of motor controllers, which continues to be a leader in FRC motor controller technology.

The Talon FX gives teams all the features they've come to expect from a Talon motor controller, such as

  • Follow Mode
  • Limit switch feedback
  • On-board motion control using Motion Magic

The Talon FX is a Phoenix API compatible device. This means that teams can use their existing Phoenix based code to control the Talon FX - with only some minor changes required.

One new feature added to the Talon FX is that a 2048 CPR Encoder is now built-in, giving FRC teams of all skill and resource levels access to powerful motion control technology out of the box. No additional hardware needed.

One major change with the Talon FX is that there is no longer a Talon data port. This means that an external encoder can't be plugged directly into the Talon FX. However, teams can use CAN-based sensors as an input for Motion Magic.

The Talon FX is also capable of Field Oriented Control (FOC)!* Click here to learn more about this cutting-edge control method.
* = This feature will require a yet to be released firmware update.

More Power, Less Failure Points

Less wires, less problems

The Talon FX is the first motor controller in FRC history to have reverse polarity protection. This eliminates the single largest cause of motor controller failure in FRC. Unlike any other motor controller, you won't severely damage or destroy the Talon FX if you hook up power backwards. Feel free to trust the freshmen on your team with motor controllers again!

Each wire connection on your robot is a potential failure point. A loose wire, a bad crimp, something plugged in backwards - all of these can lead to significant problems during a match. The Falcon 500 helps reduce the number of connections (failure points) by up to 50% by integrating the motor controller. Simply plug in the Falcon 500 to your robot's power distribution system, connect it to CAN or PWM, and you're ready to go!

Cool Under Pressure

When the competition heats up, your motors won't

Whether you’re practicing in your shop or playing round robin matches on Einstein, heat build up can be a concern with any FRC motor. This causes a motor's terminal resistance to change, which decreases its efficiency.

The Falcon 500 has a dedicated cooling port - the first of its kind in FRC. Using the #10-32 tapped hole on the side of the motor, teams can install a pneumatic fitting to connect an vacuum pump or compressor to their motor(s) so they can cool it off at any time.

When used during a match, the cooling port can reduce heat build up by up to 29°C (84°F). Using the cooling port after a match can reduce heat by up to 27°C (80.6°F) in just 3 minutes. That means you'll be able to run your Falcon 500 as hard as you can and then cool it back to just above room temperature within half a field timeout.

One More Thing...

A better motor deserves a better shaft

Gone are the days of relying on a key and keyway to transfer torque from a motor! The Falcon 500 comes with a 14-tooth spline shaft, which we know simply as the "Falcon Shaft".

The Falcon Shaft has a higher torque capacity over keyed shafts. This eliminates the need for pressed on pinions and allows for smaller gears to be used, such as an 8T 20 DP motor pinion. The Falcon Shaft also has a #8-32 tapped hole at the end, which means there’s no need for retaining clips.

The Falcon Shaft is also replaceable, giving teams the option of replacing bent, cut, or damaged shafts without having to replace their entire motor.

Teams who wish to use a Falcon 500 with a VersaPlanetary can also use the "Falcon Motor Short Shaft". This shaft is designed specifically to the correct length needed to use the Falcon 500 with a VersaPlanetary Gearbox.