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Tank Tread Kit

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This kit contains over five feet of tank tread. Use this tank tread to build robot tracks which can overcome tough terrain, or build a conveyor belt for scooping up objects.The Tank Tread Upgrade Kit contains soft rubber pads for increased traction and fins to aid conveyor belt mechanisms.

  • Climb over obstacles.
  • Traverse tough terrain.
  • Drive through sandy or soft spongy surfaces.
  • Can be used for a robot conveyor belt.
  • Every section is a master link, create treads of any length.
  • (170) Tread Links
  • (4) Tank tread drive/idler wheels
  • (4) Double Bogie wheel assemblies
  • (2) Single Bogie wheel assemblies
  • (12) 8-32 x 1" Bogie wheel support screws
  • (12) Keps nuts
Width: 1.5" (38.1mm)

Wheel Diameter: 2.375" (60.3mm),br>
Length: 170 Links = 65.5" (1664mm) when laid in one continuous flat section

Drive/idler wheels: 0.038 lbs each

Double Bogie: 0.078 lbs each

Single Bogie: 0.040 lbs each

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Compatible with all VEX Square Shafts (0.125"), Tank Tread Upgrade Kit, High Strength Sprocket & Chain Kit, and High Strength Chain