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For years, the VersaPlanetary Gearbox and its extensive family of accessories have served as the premiere planetary gearbox on the FIRST® market. Simple enough for rookie teams to pick-up and use, yet powerful and flexible enough for Einstein teams, the VersaPlanetary has made itself the "go-to" for robot designers at all levels of play.

The most configurable Planetary Gearbox on the FIRST® market

5 output options


Dozens of gear reduction options


Thousands of possible gearbox setups

The VersaPlanetary allows FIRST teams to completely customize their gearbox for any application. From the motor selection, to the internal gear reduction, to the numerous accessories, and finally to the output shaft, the VersaPlanetary will always be configured to work with your robot, and not the other way around.

The VersaPlanetary can easily be disassembled through mounting screws located on the back side of the gearbox. This allows you to quickly swap out a motor or change a gear reduction without ever removing your output block.

All of the VersaPlanetary gearboxes include mounting plates & hardware for typical FIRST Robotics Competition motors (550, 775 Series, 9015 size motors, and the VEXpro BAG motor) -- these plates are custom designed for each motor to provide perfect piloting and high efficiency.

VersaPlanetary Gearbox

Versatile. Battle-tested.
Made for robot people, by robot people.

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VersaPlanetary Lite

Everything you love about the VersaPlanetary.

In a fraction of the weight.

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VersaPlanetary 90º Drive

Turn gearbox design

on its head.

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VersaPlanetary 180º Drive

Tight space?

No problem.

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Twice the motors.

Twice the fun.

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VersaPlanetary Ratchet

Build your robot with a ratchet wrench.

Not built into it.

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Integrated Encoder

Precise robot control.

Made even easier.

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