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The VersaFrame system is an entire collection of products designed to eliminate frustration and make advanced designs available to all teams. By utilizing modular, low-cost construction components, teams can build almost anything they can think of - and they can do it with only a drill and a wrench.

When VersaFrame was first introduced, it consisted of aluminum tubing and gussets that were pre-drilled on a 1" pitch. By taking design cues from the popular VEX V5 and VEX IQ construction systems, VersaFrame allowed teams to quickly move a design from concept to reality without being hindered by precision manufacturing constraints. Teams could focus on the core of the engineering design process - not the finer details of how to use expensive machinery.

For experienced teams with plenty of resources, this meant quicker prototyping and concept realization. For teams without access to advanced resources, this meant a chance to create sophisticated mechanisms at a fraction of the cost.

Since then, VersaFrame has transcended its initial role as a "set of gussets and tubes". It has become an entire design methodology; a cohesive family of products that work together in simple, intuitive ways to help all teams achieve superior performance.

VersaFrame Stock

Pre-drilled aluminum stock in a variety of sizes and styles, with thicknesses chosen specifically for a perfect balance between strength and weight.

  • Tube Stock (1" x 1" and 1" x 2")
  • C-Channel (1" x 2" x 1" and 1" x 1" x 1")
  • Angle (1" x 1" and 2" x 2")

VersaFrame Gussets & Mounts

An assortment of commonly used pre-drilled angle gussets and pre-made motor mounts that aid in mechanical design using VersaFrame Stock.

  • Angle gussets ranging from 30 to 150 degrees
  • Mounts designed specifically for the VersaPlanetary
  • Bearing mounts to assist with axle alignment

Single Reduction Clamping Gearbox

Built to achieve versatility through simplicity, this gearbox creates an efficient one-motor-per-wheel drivetrain by clamping onto a 1" x 2" VersaFrame Tube Stock.

  • Can be used to drive mechanisms or wheels
  • 84-tooth spacing between CIM-style motor and bearing block
  • Pairs with a Plastic Bearing Block for a second stage reduction


A revolutionary easy-to-assemble drivetrain that can be built using nothing but a saw and a drill.

  • Built entirely from COTS components
  • Utilizes VersaBlocks and WCP Cams for quick chain tensioning
  • Chassis is framed out of standard 1" x 2" x 0.10" Tube Stock

VersaFrame Linear Motion

Pre-drilled gussets and mounts that aid in the design of a linear elevator.

  • VersaFrame Roller Chain Mount is designed to bolt directly onto #25 or #35 chain
  • VersaFrame Linear Motion Gusset Kit helps enable a quick and simple sliding mechanism

West Coast Drive Bearing Blocks

Bearing blocks designed to help make a popular "West Coast Drive" simple and accessible.

  • Clamping and traditional "milled-slot" styles
  • Integrates seamlessly with VersaFrame Tube Stock