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Robot Mesh Studio

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Robot Mesh Studio


Robot Mesh Studio is a FREE web-based programming environment for VEX IQ.

RM Studio provides drag-and-drop graphical programming in Blockly and Flowol as well as coding in Python.

Go to to get started. Support for Windows, Mac, Linux, Chromebook and iPad!




Python is a powerful, object-oriented language which is widely used in education, industrial, commercial and research settings.

Coding in Python is easy in RM Studio’s editor with auto-complete and context help. Python’s straightforward syntax makes it a joy to learn and use.


Using visual programming technology from Google, Blockly projects are perfect for users of all skill levels to create a variety of programs for VEX IQ robots. Drag interlocking blocks onto the workspace to build your program. See the generated Python code, download to your robot to run and debug.

Blockly introduces logic, loops, math, variables, functions and lists as well as controlling VEX motors and responding to inputs from sensors.


Using standard flowchart symbols, Flowol programs are created by drag-and-drop. Develop logical reasoning and problem solving talents by using decision boxes to branch and create loops. Create sequences, use variables and create sub-routines all with flowchart symbols. See the generated Python code.

Controller Express

Without writing any code, assign actions to the thumb sticks and buttons on the joystick controller for controlling motors on your robot. Great for rapidly building custom driver control programs.

  • RM Studio stores users’ programs on the Robot Mesh cloud storage and can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection
  • Move from graphical programming in Flowol or Blockly onto Python coding when ready
  • All RM Studio languages have debugger support (step-by-step running, breakpoints and view variable values)
  • Programming is multi-threaded so several tasks can be running at the same time

3D Mimics (VEX IQ)

Use our 3D Mimics to assemble your own robot design using integrated CAD tools. Then create and run your RM Studio program on-screen in the Mimic simulator. Each VEX IQ parts’ movement is simulated in real time using realistic physics. This is a great way to experiment with new robot designs, and to learn programming before building the robot. Finally download your mimic code to a real VEX robot!

See how:


Leap into programming with the standards based Robot Mesh Curriculum for Blockly and VEX IQ.

Check out the Curriculum here!

Teacher’s Guide also available.

Desktop Version

Standalone Desktop version for Windows is also available for competition teams!

Get Started with Hour of Code Activities

Learn to program in one hour with a series of easy exercises.