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RobotShield (10-Pack)

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Open-Source, Sanitization Safe, Reusable Face-Shields… made possible by the robotics community.

All proceeds from this project will go to medical professionals.

VEX Robotics and their collaborative partners are donating thousands of RobotShields to medical professionals on the front-lines, while making them available for the public to purchase and donate.

Use our online application to request a RobotShield donation.

All funds from public sales of RobotShields will be used to supplement donations and ensure more donated shields for those who need them.

RobotShields are reusable medical face shields designed by members of the VEX Robotics and FIRST® Robotics community. Innovation First International and VEX Robotics are proud to answer the community’s call for manufacturers and will mass-produce this open-source design.

Reusability is going to become more and more important the longer the COVID-19 crisis continues. While there are many single-use face shields currently available, material for manufacturing of these shields is becoming hard to find. The RobotShield can be cleaned for reuse through many conventional methods, including sanitization in a hospital autoclave.

This collaboration between robotics teams, open-source designers, vendors, and manufacturers would not be possible without the connections made through the competition robotics community.

  • Shield provides Full-Face Coverage
  • Allows for ample movement of head & neck
  • Hood provides coverage from particles entering the top of the mask
  • Multi-Positional Shield, made to be compatible with a range of other PPE Products
  • Adjustable Elastic Strap to fit a range of head sizes
  • AutoClave compatible (without Rubber Band) for Sterilization

The Open Source Design

We're all in this together....apart

The Open Source COVID-19 Medical Supplies group (OSCMS) is an online community who have the shared goal of developing low-cost, easily-manufactured forms of personal protective equipment (PPE) during the COVID-19 pandemic. One of the group's challenges was to create an easy to manufacture face shield, which was quickly answered by members of the robotics community. Mentors and students from the Robonauts robotics team, located in Houston, Texas worked to create an original concept, design, and prototype of a face shield. This group explored many different options, and quickly settled on a polycarbonate face shield as the most viable option.

Doctors working closely with this project have raved about the mask's simple, yet effective design that covers the user's entire face. In addition, it is sterilization-friendly, and can even be sanitized in an autoclave.

How do I get a RobotShield?

You can purchase IFI-manufactured RobotShields above. All proceeds from the sale of RobotShields are being used to donate additional shields to institutions in need. If you are part of an institution requesting a donation of RobotShields, please submit your need via our application form.

Alternatively, if you have access to any type of 2D subtractive manufacturing tool (CNC router, laser cutter, etc), check out the "CAD Files" tab above to download a .STEP file of the RobotShield and learn how to make your own using just 0.03” thick polycarbonate (or PETG) and zip ties.

(10) RobotShield Bands
(10) RobotShield Shields
(10) RobotShield Tops
(70) Zip Ties
(100) Rubber Bands

0.03" Thick Clear Polycarbonate

3 Ounces

While this product is designed to assist medical care providers, it is certainly not warranted as an effective means to prevent the spread of disease. Additionally, face shields are not meant to function as primary respiratory protection and should not be used alone because aerosols can flow behind the visor. A protective facemask (medical/surgical mask, N95 FFR, etc.) should be worn concurrently with the proper use and fitting of a face shield.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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