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VEX Robotics COVID Resources

VEX Robotics COVID Resources

Very soon, our schools and classrooms are going to look and feel different. This is a time of unease for many, and we know that you are doing what you can to make the best of this unique and unprecedented situation for your students, your school, and yourselves.

Students with masks on during class

At the core of the VEX Community is a drive to create high quality STEM learning products and curricula that engage students to be 21st century learners and passionate problem solvers, and that values creativity, collaboration, and critical thinking. That has not changed.

We, like you, still have the same desire to get students excited about STEM learning, no matter the situation - and as such, have created a number of COVID related teacher resources to help you step by step, to make that happen.

Seeing the
Big Picture

Big Picture

Teaching 1:1 with
VEX 123, VEX GO,
VEX IQ, and VEX V5

Keeping it Clean

Keep Clean

Best Practices for Disinfecting

Creating Curriculum


Teaching STEM Labs and VR Activities

How to Hybrid


Pacing Guides and Lesson Plans to Guide a Hybrid Classroom

Keep on,
Keeping on

Keep On

Updates to the VEX Knowledge Base

Learning Together

Learn Together

Free, Online Professional Development for Educators

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This upcoming school year is filled with questions for all of us, but we hope to provide you, our VEX Community, with some helpful answers to some of them. Whether you are teaching in your classroom, or from your dining room table this fall, one thing remains unchanged, your commitment to teaching, and your desire to make STEM learning come alive for your students. It is this shared passion that drives us all, and together, we at VEX, know that you can do this - and we will be with you every step of the way.

COVID Teaching Resources for Educators

Watch as Jason McKenna provides you with the latest teaching tips, VEX resources, and best practices for cleaning and sanitizing your VEX products.