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VEX V5 Firmware

Many VEX V5 products contain their own internal processors and run on a special Operating System known as "VEXos". This Operating System is written entirely by VEX Robotics, and harnesses the flexibility and power of VEX hardware for the diverse needs of education and the rigors of competition.

VEXos allows for advanced programming features and an enhanced user experience. The best way to ensure that your V5 system is functioning properly is to keep the firmware up to date. This is done simply by opening VEXcode, then plugging your V5 Robot Brain into your computer and following the prompts. The Brain will then automatically push out the latest updates to any V5 device that is connected to it.

A standalone VEXos updater is also available for both Windows and Mac.

A changelog for Cortex firmware can be found here.

New features:

  • Updates for Field Control support
  • IMU Updates

VEXos Changelog

VEXos Version 1.1.1
Released March 2022

  • Improvements for new smart field controllers (Controller, Radio and Brain)
  • Update to 3-wire controller to prevent unintentional firing of pneumatics on user code start
  • Reliability improvements for vision sensor communications
  • Reliability improvements for controller user text display
  • Motor improvements for compatibility with EXP

VEXos Version 1.1
Released July 2021

  • Added features for new GPS sensor
  • Bug fixes for IMU heading issue
  • Controller fixes:
    • Simulated skills and timed  runs on the controller now starts user app before countdown starts
    • Added features for smart field control.  
  • Other minor bug fixes.

VEXos Version 1.0.13
Released March 2021

  • Bug fixes and updates to the 3-Wire dashboard
  • Bug fixes for the Distance Sensor dashboard not displaying when more than one sensor is connected
  • Added features to the Controller for remote tournaments
  • Other minor bug fixes.

VEXos Version 1.0.12
Released August 2020

  • Bug fix for controller not clearing lines of text correctly
  • BLE Radio enhancements
  • Optical Sensor data enhancements
  • Added features required to run new VRC Skills Match Controller app
  • Other minor bug fixes.

VEXos Version 1.0.11
Released June 2020

  • Bug fix for controller smart ports not disconnecting correctly
  • Added support in Controller for new V5 Brain field controller
  • Added support for new V5 sensors
  • Increased update rate for inertial sensor
  • Other minor bug fixes

VEXos Version 1.0.10
Released March 2020

  • Critical fix for a bug in the Controller that was causing it to lock up
  • Increased stability of VEXnet radio on Competition Channels
  • Inertial Sensor bug fixes
  • Brain minor bug fixes

VEXos Version 1.0.9

Released December 2019
  • Added support for new V5 Inertial Sensor
  • Added improved Vision sensor dashboard
  • Continued improvement of motor peak current response for both motor and battery
  • Improved VEXnet channel selection for Pit channels
  • Other minor bug fixes

VEXos Version 1.0.8

Released October 2019
  • Added new Bluetooth radio data feature to allow Bluetooth enabled devices to connect to the brain. (Special software will be required on Bluetooth device)
  • Added three new languages to the V5 User interface (Spanish, Chinese and Korean)
  • Added dynamic current limiting for VEXU teams when motors total more than 8.
  • Improved motor current peak response time to help with motors overheating.
  • Other minor bug fixes.

VEXos Version 1.0.7

Released April 2019
  • Increased stability of Radio Communications
  • Fixed multiple bugs in controller to reduce lockups
  • Fixed issue with event logs getting corrupted.
  • Other minor bug fixes.

VEXos Version 1.0.6

Released March 2019
  • Increased data reliability over the radio link.
  • Fixed issue with Robot Name and Team Number not being displayed correctly.
  • Multiple updates for new SDK
  • Other minor bug fixes.

VEXos Version 1.0.5

Released December 2018
  • Hot fix for VEXos Version 1.0.4 to fix bug with 3-Wire ports

VEXos Version 1.0.4

Released December 2018
  • Increased radio robustness for handling interference
  • Fixed issue where loose field connection could cause radio disconnect
  • Added new logs to V5 brain event log to help with debugging issues
  • Fixed issue where touch events on brain screen could return invalid coordinates
  • Fixed bug where rumble motor causes battery warning on controller
  • Improved Bluetooth functionality on the V5 Controller. Bluetooth radio mode now matches feature set of VEXnet. (Note: Bluetooth is still not competition legal)

VEXos Version 1.0.3

Released November 2018
  • More battery stability improvements
  • Added battery and radio connection events to brain log
  • Fixed controller lockup issue
  • Added ability to plug field cable into partner controller for field control
  • Added controller dashboard screen
  • Improved handling of temporary field disconnects
  • Added feature that turns the Radio's LEDs green when field connection is detected and user program is running
  • No longer allow BLE radio to be used with field switch connected
  • Fixed bug that caused brain screen to go black
  • Other miscellaneous bug fixes

VEXos Version 1.0.2

Released October 2018
  • Fixed critical battery issues with long term charging
  • Fixed critical battery issues with under voltage shutdown
  • Increased the accuracy of battery capacity measurements
  • Added battery warnings to brain event log
  • Fixed competition code event system startup when robot is enabled
  • Other miscellaneous bug fixes

VEXos Version 1.0.1

Released September 2018
  • Motor torque and power graphs enabled on motor dashboard
  • Motor velocity corrected in dashboard
  • Enabled brain logging feature under brain dashboard
  • Fixed Mojave compatibility issues
  • Fixed issue with unresponsive touch screen after user program download
  • Other miscellaneous bug fixes

VEXos Version 1.0

Released August 2018
  • Initial Release

Legacy Firmware

Like the V5 System, the VEX ARM® Cortex®-based Microcontroller, VEXnet Joystick and VEXnet Key 2.0 each contain its own firmware. To update this firmware, you will need to download the VEXnet Firmware Upgrade Utility, the VEXnet Key 2.0 Firmware Upgrade Utility and the VEXnet Serial USB Driver.

The VEXnet Firmware Upgrade Utility overwrites the Master Code on the VEX ARM® Cortex®-based Microcontroller or a VEXnet Joystick to the latest version.

ROBOTC can be downloaded here:

Note: By default, the Upgrade Utility will NOT overwrite any User Code in the Cortex Microcontroller with Default Driver Control Code. If you wish to revert your microcontroller to its default settings, make sure that "Default Code: ON" is properly selected.