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Welcome STEM 2023 Visitors!

Here's a list of content we provide at no cost to help along your education journey!

VEX PD+ Free Tier >

We offer educators an accessible platform to enhance their robotics teaching skills through a variety of professional development resources.

VEX Robotics STEM Labs >

Providing meticulously designed hands-on activities, to engage students in practical problem-solving and critical thinking while exploring fundamental STEM concepts through robotics.

VEX Robotics Webinars >

Join VEX Robotics webinars to gain insights from experts, discover innovative teaching techniques, and stay updated on the latest trends in robotics education, ensuring you're well-equipped to inspire and guide your students.

VEXcode VR Free >

Teach and learn coding with Virtual Robots (VR). VEXcode VR brings STEM concepts to life making coding engaging, accessible, and fun.

VEXcode >

VEXcode allows students to get started coding quickly and easily. VEXcode is consistent across Blocks, Python, C++ and all VEX Brands.

VEX Library >

The VEX Library serves as a comprehensive repository of educational resources, curriculum guides, and project ideas, empowering educators to create dynamic robotics lessons tailored to their students' needs.

VEX Camps >

Keep students’ STEM learning alive outside the classroom! Free online Camps bring engaging, thematic STEM activities to your students throughout the year. >

Visit for a seamless initiation into the world of VEX Robotics. These are resources for VEX products, VEX users and VEX applications.

VEX Robotics Research & White Papers >

Delve into in-depth research, insights, and analysis on topics at the forefront of robotics education, allowing educators to stay up-to-date and make informed decisions in their teaching approaches.