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Every year, some teams in FIRST struggle to complete their robot. Some fall behind in the design process, others run into trouble with robot assembly, and some need guidance on where to start. Some others have team identity issues, and struggle to make a name for themselves in the vast FIRST Community. That's where we come in.

Introducing VEXbro! VEXbro is an all-in-one solution to your team's problems. Need someone to constantly tell you that your ideas are "hella dope"? VEXbro's got your back. How about when you run into issues integrating a VEXpro product into your design? Chances are, VEXbro designed it. So it can tell you right away that the 700:1 reduction on your VersaPlanetary is a hella bad idea, yo. Maybe you just need a go-to figure in your pit to help rebuild the robot after it gets destroyed by intense Destination: Deep Space defense? VEXbro's there for you, bro.

Is your team struggling to get recognized at competitions? Are you tired of other teams asking who you are, or referring to you as "that other team"? Do you constantly make jokes that nobody laughs at? Introducing, VEXdro! VEXdro is your one stop shop to making your team more memorable. Whether you need it to write your rival team's name on thousands of play-pen balls, create a shot-for-shot remake of another team's robot reveal video, or design other assorted swag items such as Challenge Coins, Coloring Books and Playing Cards, VEXdro is sure to take your team's trolling game to another level. As an added bonus, VEXdro is also capable of scouting, and has even been known to create IRI picklists on the fly.

Please note: VEXdro has a white-glove policy. Please do not use it to help construct your robot, as you will probably end up worse than before.

  • Requires food and drink to properly function (Be warned, VEXdro has the appetite of a 12 year old child)
  • Potential flight risk, must be watched at all times
  • Capable of completely rebranding your team, as long as you're fine with only using one color (Black is your only option)
  • Teams outside of the Southern US, Hawaii, the Bahamas and Australia need not apply (they do not handle snow very well)

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Availability Varies

Kit Contents
(1) Selected VEXbro
Docs & Downloads
Birth Certificates and Social Security Cards not included.
Application Examples
  • Building
  • CAD
  • Design
  • Comforting broken robots
  • Convincing you to move to California
  • VEXdro
  • Memeing
  • Scouting
  • Creating reveal videos with less views than the Robonauts
  • Convincing you to move to Texas
  • Not much else
  • Material Type
    100% Californian brah
    100% Texan Y'all
    Material Finish
    We'd rather not say.
    CAD File
    Yes, VEXbro can create CAD Files.
    VEXdro once won a game of pictionary.
    Don't worry about it.
    Other Info
    Why are you still here?