VEX EDR Legacy Video Trainer

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VEX EDR Legacy Video Trainer


The VEX EDR Video Trainer (using ROBOTC for VEX Robotics) provides step-by-step videos, PDFs, rubrics, and so much more to get you up and running with the VEX ARM® Cortex®-based Microcontroller. The video trainer includes tutorials around Programming Fundamentals, the Engineering Process, Microcontroller Setup Instructions, Building Guides, Movement, Sensors and Program Flow.

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The VEX EDR Video Trainer has been recently updated to include new features and topics, including:

How to use the Yaw Rate Gyroscope Sensor:

  • How to account for the momentum of the robot when turning
  • How to use the Gyro Sensor to reduce accumulated error
  • How to use the Gyro Sensor to increase turning accuracy

How to use the LCD Display:

  • Displaying a custom message
  • Displaying continuously updating sensor values
  • Using the LCD to debug your program

VEX Robotics Competition programming, including:

  • Creating a Competition Legal Program with the ROBOTC Competition Template
  • Performing a hardware-based test of a competition program with the VEXnet Competition Switch
  • Testing a competition program through the ROBOTC Debugger with the Programming Hardware Kit

Improved Interface

  • Updated to be compatible with the Curriculum Companion Robot Virtual World (Robot Virtual Worlds for VEX license required)
  • Completely redone in HTML5 for maximum compatibility with browsers
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