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  1. VRC Tower Takeover

    Customize everything you need to build a complete VEX Robotics Competition Tower Takeover field including all of the game objects and field elements. You can also add in field perimeters, tiles, rubber feet, and even the VEXnet field controller kit and monitor stand.

  2. VRC Tower Takeover - Game Element Kit


    This kit includes half of the game elements needed for a full VRC Tower Takeover field.

    • (12) Orange Cube Assemblies
    • (12) Purple Cube Assemblies
    • (12) Green Cube Assemblies

    Note: (2) kits must be purchased to have a full field of game elements.

    Field Elements, Field Perimeter & Tiles NOT included.

  3. Field Element Kit 1

    This kit contains all the necessary Field Elements for use with VEX Robotics Competition Tower Takeover. One Full Field Set.

    Field Elements, Field Perimeter & Tiles NOT included.

  4. VRC Tower Takeover Cube - Green


    Spare game elements for use in VRC Tower Takeover. Other field elements not included.

    • (1) Cube Assembly (Random color)
  5. Competition Field Corner Bracket (4-pack)


    These brackets replace the "bottom" plate that joins the corners of the Competition Field Perimeter Kit.
  6. Field Perimeter Rubber Foot


    Give your field a leg up. These rubber feet are distributed along the bottom edges of a VEX EDR field perimeter, thereby raising it to the same height as the field tiles. No more cutting tiles!
  7. VRC License Plate Kit


    License plates and identification numbers for teams competing in the VEX Robotics Competition.

    • Red & blue colors serve as alliance indicators as well as ID plates
    • Attaches using standard VEX EDR screws and nuts or VEX IQ pins
    • Plates come blank and are fully customizable customisable
  8. VEX Field Perimeter Framing & Lexan


    Ships in 4 Weeks

    The official VEX Robotics Competition Field is setup on a foam surface, with a sheet-metal and polycarbonate perimeter frame.

    • Metal frame structure for the VEX Robotics Competition field perimeter.
    • Includes ALL parts required for frame assembly. (includes polycarbonate)
    • Does NOT include Floor Tiles or Electronics.
  9. Spare Competition Field Side Panel (276-3295)

    Starting at: $9.99

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    Over the years, competition wear and tear affects more than your robots. Replace worn or lost elements of your official VEX Robotics Competition Field Perimeter with these spare parts.
  10. VEX Competition Field Monitor Stand


    This bracket allows you to mount an LCD monitor onto the VEX field perimeter, either on a corner or at the centercentre of a wall panel.
  11. VRC Field Tiles


    Ships in 4 Weeks

    Comes with enough 2' x 2' interlocking foam tiles to fill one standard sized VEX Robotics Competition field.

    • (36) Grey Tiles
    • (2) Red Tiles
    • (2) Blue Tiles
  12. VEX Robotics Competition Trophies

    Starting at: $4.00

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    Looking to purchase extra trophies for your teammates, schools or sponsors? 10" and 12" trophies are available for all of the standard VRC awards given out at tournaments.

    • Official VEX Trophies
    • Trophy Plates with a variety of awards
  13. On Field Robot Sizing Tool


    Designed to quickly inspect whether or not a Competition Robot fits into the 18" maximum sizing dimension. This sizing bracket does not require the robot to be sitting on a baseplate, and can be used to measure a robot on any surface.

  14. On-Field Robot Expansion Sizing Tool (276-5942)


    The On-Field Robot Expansion Sizing Tool is the next generation of the Robot Sizing Tool. Use this product to inspect whether a VRC In the Zone Robot fits into the starting configuration of 18" while not exceeding the maximum expansion limit of 36". This sizing bracket does not require the robot to be sitting on a baseplate and can be used to measure a robot on any surface.
  15. VEXnet Field Controller Kit


    Ships in 2 Weeks

    A full set of controllers and cables for use with the VEXnet system and/or the VEX 75MHz Crystal Radios to enable consistent and fair competition match timing.

  16. VEXnet Competition Switch


    Use the VEXnet Competition Switch to enable/disable up to four (4) VEXnet robots. This switch also has the ability to toggle between autonomous & operator control mode. Use this kit to simulate a VEX field controller for match practice!

    • (1) Four-way competition switch.
    • (1) 5' Ethernet cables
  17. VEX Robotics Competition Patches

    Starting at: $2.49

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    Celebrate the years you or your team have in the VEX Robotics Competition with these year-specific letterman patches. Just peel off the adhesive backing, and stick!

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17 Item(s)