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  1. Booster Kit


    This kit includes pieces specifically recommended by VEX builders to maximize versatility. Contains over 600 pieces of VEX Structural and Motion Components.

    • (1) Steel Chassis 25x25x2
    • (14) Steel Plates & Bars
    • (6) Steel Angles
    • (6) Steel C-Channels
    • (12) Steel Gussets
    • (25) Gears & Rollers
    • (70) Collars & Shafts & Bearings
    • (66) Standoffs & Spacers
    • (408) Screws & Nuts & Washers
  2. Metal & Hardware Kit


    More tools for building the ultimate robot.
    • (17) Steel Parts
    • (52) Collars & Shafts & Bearings
    • (66) Standoffs & Spacers
    • (259) Screws & Nuts & Washers
  3. Aluminum Structure Kit - (275-1097)

    Starting at: $26.99

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    Lighten the total weight of a robot or mechanism while still keeping it strong. VEX aluminum kits contain the same metal components as standard structural kits (C-Channel, Plates, and Bars), at a fraction of the weight for improved robot performance!

    • Compatible with all VEX Motion and Structure components.
    • Available in bundle kits or in single part multi-packs
  4. Chassis Kit, Medium

    Starting at: $21.99

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    Standard VEX chassis kits include (2) bumpers and (4) rails apiece. The flexibility and variety of design options makes these a great starting point for any mobile robot project.

    • Rail mounting locations allow for variable chassis width
    • Space between rails is ideal for a protected chain run or gear reduction
    • Wheels may be mounted outboard or between the rails for extra support
    • "Super" chassis is taller with more vertical mounting locations
    • Rails sold separately for additional versatility
  5. C-Channel 1x2x1x35 - (276-2906)

    Starting at: $9.99

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    VEX C-Channel has holes on 0.500" increments. This structural member’s excellent strength and bending resistance is perfect for building robust robots.

    • Multiple sizes available, in two different material types
    • Made from cold rolled steel, or 5052-H32 Aluminum
    • Each channel is segmented into cuttable 2.5" pieces
  6. Angle 2x2x35 (275-1143)

    Starting at: $16.99

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    VEX angle without slots, typically used for structural framing.

    • Can be cut on 0.500" increments
    • Made from cold rolled steel, 0.046" thick, zinc plated
    • All items are (4) to a package
  7. Chassis Rail 2x1x25 (275-1145)

    Starting at: $16.99

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    The Chassis Rails are part of the larger VEX Chassis Kits. This rail has holes on 0.500" increments and another row in-between. This part is a versatile angle with one narrow side and one taller side.

    • Made from cold rolled steel, 0.046" thick, zinc plated.
    • All items are (4) to a package.
  8. Plate 15x5 (275-2023)

    Starting at: $5.49

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    Plate with holes on 0.500" increments and 1/8" diamonds in between. Can be cut on 0.500" increments.

    • Available in two sizes.
    • Made from cold rolled steel, 0.046" thick, zinc plated.
  9. Bar 1x25


    VEX bar with holes on 0.500" increments. Can be cut on 0.500" increments.

    • Made from cold rolled steel, 0.046" thick, zinc plated.
    • The item is (8) to a package.
  10. 45 Degree Gusset

    Starting at: $5.49

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    Gussets are used to connect pieces of metal that may not have been possible beforehand. They also serve as a great way to strengthen your robot's joints.

  11. 8/32 Screws

    Starting at: $5.49

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    The proverbial glue that holds your robot together. VEX EDR screws come in a multitude of lengths and two standard head sizes, 6-32 and 8-32.

    Locking screws have been coated with a thread locker to help keep them locked into place. A locking screw can be installed 10-15 times and still retain a firm lock.

    Thumbscrews can be tightened/loosened by hand, speeding up robot assembly, and Shoulder Screws are perfect for pivots with minimal slop. Setscrews are used in Shaft Collars and U-Joints to clamp to a shaft.

    There's nothing more frustrating than a stripped screw. With VEX EDR Star Drive Screws, this becomes a thing of the past. These grade 8 screws were designed to withstand a great amount of torque, which allows builders to truly "lock down" their mechanisms.

    Note: Screw sizes are available in Hex Drive, or high-torque Star Drive.

  12. Nut 8-32 Keps

    Starting at: $3.29

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    A hardware fastener with a threaded hole. All VEX nuts are 8-32 threads.

    • Keps nuts have an external tooth lock washer and are strong while still being removable
    • Nylock nuts have an internal nylon lock that makes it perfect for strong, permanent connections
    • Hex nuts are non-locking and are great for quick prototyping
  13. 1-Post Hex Nut Retainer w/ Bearing Flat (10-pack) (276-6481)

    Starting at: $5.49

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    Assembling a VEX robot just got easier with our Hex Nut Retainers. With a center hole sized to securely fit a Hex Nut, a #8-32 screw can be tightened without the need for a wrench or pliers.

    When mounted, they provide multiple points of contact on structural components for stability.

  14. .25" Standoff (275-1013)

    Starting at: $3.29

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    A standoff is used in mechanics and electronics to separate two parts from one another while creating a rigid connection. All VEX Standoffs have 8-32 threads.

    • Hex size is 0.250" across the flats.
    • Light weight aluminum.
    • Various lengths available.
  15. Hex Drive Coupler 8-32 x 0.500"

    Starting at: $2.19

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    The #8-32 Coupler is used to connect multiple threaded beams to each other and create custom length standoffs.

    • Double up standoffs
    • Allen socket in one end (Star Drive version available)
    • 1/2" and 1" lengths
  16. Bevel Gearbox Bracket (275-1189)

    Starting at: $10.99

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    These gearbox brackets provide support for several options of advanced motion. These parts allow advanced mechanical VEX EDR designers to create new ingenious mechanisms.

    • Create Linear Motion with the Rack Gears
    • Transfer Motion 90 degrees with Bevel Gears
    • Add a Differential to your Drivetrain
    • Get a high-reduction with the Worm Gears
    • Increase design possibilities for your robots
  17. Latex Tubing


    This VEX Tubing can stretch more than 4 times its length and still spring back to its original shape. VEX Latex Tubing is great for any application on a VEX robot requiring spring loading.

    • Sold in two 5' lengths.
    • 53A durometer Latex.
    • Great for heavy lifting.

    Caution: This product contains natural rubber latex which may cause an allergic reaction. In the event of an allergic situation, consult your doctor immediately.
  18. Cinch Strap


    Great for quickly mounting objects. Wrap the Cinch Strap around the object you want mounted, loop it through the buckle, and then back onto itself for a secure hold using VELCRO® brand hook and loop fastener. The buckle allows the user to "cinch" the strap tight around the application.

    • Quickly mount an object
    • Adjustable and reusable
    • Secure holding circumference approximately 4 to 7 inches
  19. Rubber Link


    A flexible link used to create joints, springs, or to provide shock absorption.

    • Flexible joints between standoffs or metal
    • Add spring force to your design
    • Provide shock absorption for delicate parts
  20. Hinge


    This hinge provides a simple pivoting joint with 265 degree movement.

    • Sold in packs of 2.
    • 2.5" long x 1.3" wide.
    • Standard VEX holes.
  21. Base Plate 15-holes wide x 30-holes long


    Designed to serve as a foundation for a variety of robotics applications. Use them as a base to create a large stationary robotic arm, interlock them to build larger manufacturing systems, or even use them as structural pieces in large-scale robotic applications.

    • (2) Base Plates included
    • 15-holes wide x 30-holes long
    • Made from cold rolled steel, 0.046" thick, zinc plated
  22. Claw Kit


    Easily grab and manipulate various objects. Motor required and not included.

    • Strong enough to hold a soft drink can.
    • Dexterous enough to grab a feather.
    • Compatible with all VEX Mechanical Parts.

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