V5 System Bundle

V5 System Bundle


Take your VEX EDR robot to the next level with the V5 System Bundle. This bundle includes everything you need to get started with V5, and is engineered to provide the most advanced robotics experience, right at your fingertips. This bundle does not include any motors or structural parts.

  • Designed to scale from the classroom to the competition field
  • Includes all necessary components to get started with the V5 System
  • Scalable programming software suite available with VEX Coding Studio

Eligible VEX Robotics Competition teams can trade in their legacy control system components and receive a 50% discount on (1) V5 System Bundle.

Note: Trade-in your legacy control system components to receive 50% off the V5 System Bundle! For more information click here. Trade-in discount codes are applied on the shopping cart page before checking out. If you are participating in the V5 trade-in program, you must complete the process and get your code(s) before ordering. Discounts will not be applied retroactively.


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The V5 Robot Brain allows for "on the fly" device connection and port swapping. Legacy VEX EDR Sensors and Motors are also supported through eight 3-Wire ports.


Select from one of eight user downloaded programs, or run device diagnostics and configuration for real-time feedback, all right from the brain.


The V5 Robot Brain can be mounted in a variety of ways. The brain can be attached to the robot via four 8-32 mounting inserts on the bottom of the brain, or through detachable mounting flanges.


The V5 Robot Brain uses a Cortex A9 processor in tandem with a FPGA to create a device that is 15x faster than the its predecessor. The V5 Robot Brain also has expanded memory, and additional storage for user programs.

Real-time Feedback

With its Monochrome LCD screen, the V5 Controller provides users with instant feedback from the Robot Brain. Programmers can send data and multilingual text to the screen for debugging and driver information.


The V5 Controller includes a programmable haptic feedback that can be triggered as events happen, such as intaking an object. The Controller's integrated 3.7v Li-ion battery can provide up to 10 hours of life on a single charge. With its USB port, the Controller can be charged in multiple ways such as a wall socket, laptop or USB power bank.

The V5 Robot Battery Li-Ion 1100mAh is the next evolution of the VEX EDR NiMh Battery. This Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) battery is equipped with circuitry and control to allow for higher sustained power and more reliable function. The V5 System as a whole is designed to produce identical motor performance at any battery charge level. This means that the same battery can be used for multiple competition matches or class periods before needing to be recharged. LiFePO4 batteries are proven to offer longer life cycles, and are safer than Lithium Ion batteries.

  • Built-in charge indicator lights
  • Charge time is approximately one hour
  • Battery run time depends on many factors including your robot design, your driving, and the number of motors used. Robots' often get 30+ minutes of heavy drive time from a single charge. Competition teams should be able to use one Robot Battery for multiple matches without recharging. Remember that with V5, a low battery does not change the motor’s performance.

The V5 Robot Radio allows your V5 Robot Brain to communicate with other devices such as the V5 Controller. All wireless communication to the V5 Robot Brain is done through the V5 Robot Radio, including competition control and wireless activation of VEX Coding Studio programs.

  • Communicates via VEXnet 3 or Bluetooth®
  • LED indicator for linked, scanning and active modes
  • VEXnet 3 supports 500 simultaneous robot channels
Product Specs
V5 Robot Brain Specifications VEX ARM® Cortex®-based Microcontroller
Motor Ports Any of the 21 Smart Ports 10
Smart Sensor Ports Any of the 21 Smart Ports
Radio Ports Any of the 21 Smart Ports
Tether Ports Any of the 21 Smart Ports remove radios, use USB Cable
Digital Ports Any of the 8 built-in 3-Wire Ports 8
Analog Ports Any of the 8 built-in 3-Wire Ports 12
3-Wire Expansion Add 8 more ports using a 3-Wire Expander.
The 3-Wire Expander uses one Smart Port.
VEXos Processor One Cortex A9 at 667 MHz
Two Cortex M0 at 32 MHz each
User Processor One Cortex A9
1333 Million Instructions per second (MIPS)
Cortex M3
RAM 128 MB 0.0625 MB
Flash 32 MB 0.375 MB
User Program Slots 8 1
USB 2.0 High Speed (480 Mbit/s) Full Speed (12 Mbit/s)
Color Touch Screen 4.25”, 480 x 272 pixels, 65k colors
Expansion up to 16 GB, FAT32
Wireless VEXnet 3.0 and Bluetooth 4.2 VEXnet 2.0
System Voltage 12.8 V 7.2 V
Size 4.0” W x 5.5” H x 1.3” L
(101.6 mm x 139.7 mm x 33.02 mm)
4.5” W x 3.9” H x 1.0” L
(114. 3mm x 99.06 mm x 25.4 mm)
Weight 0.63 lbs (285g) 0.30 lbs (137g)

1. A Field-programmable gate array (FPGA) is an electronic component used to build reconfigurable digital circuits. The V5 Brain uses the FPGA for touch screen inputs, screen layering, 60 Hz screen refreshing, timers, and the 21 smart ports.
V5 Wireless Controller Specifications VEXnet Joystick
User Interface Built-in monochrome LCD 128 x 64 pixels
Backlight with white or red LEDs
3 Red Green LEDs
27 LED blink patterns
Interface Features Select, Start, Stop Programs
Robot and Controller and Partner battery level
Radio link type and signal strength
Competition mode indication
Language selection (10 choices).
Controller LED
Robot LED
Link LED
Game LED
User Feedback Up to (3) lines of multilingual text to the LCD
Up to (3) graphical widgets with (1) line of text
Wireless VEXnet 3.0 and Bluetooth 4.2
Download and Debug at 200 kbps
VEXnet 2.0
Download and Debug at 90 kbps
Analog Axis 2 Joysticks 2 Joysticks
Buttons 12 12
Extra Feature Haptic Rumble Motor Tilt Sensor
Battery Type Li-ion Six rechargeable AAA cells
Battery Run Time 8-10 Hours Less than 1 Hour
Battery Charge Time 1 Hour
Auto Sleep Yes
Partner Port Yes Yes
Partner Controller Type V5 Controller VEXnet Joystick or Partner Joystick
Weight 0.77 lbs (350g) 0.47 lbs (213g)

V5 Robot Battery Li-Ion 1100mAh Specifications 7.2V Robot Battery
Battery Chemistry Lithium Iron (LiFePO4) Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH)
Approximate Lifespan 2000 full recharge cycles 500 full recharge cycles
Nominal Voltage 12.8 Volts 7.2 Volts
Maximum Current 20 Amps 8 Amps (12 Amps with power expander)
Maximum Output Power 256 Watts 58 Watts (86 Watts with power expander)
# Motors at Peak Power 10 3 (5 with power expander)
Low Battery Performance Motors output 100% power Motors output 51% power
Capacity 14 Wh 20 Wh (32 Wh with power expander)
Weight 0.77 lbs (350 g)
0.47 lbs (213 g)
Dimensions 1.82" W x 6.31" L x 1.18" H
(46.45mm W x 160.45 mm Lx 30.33 mm H)
1.9" W x 5.23' L x 0.97" H
(48.26 mm W x 132.72 mm Lx 24.64 mm H)

Kit Contents
V5 System Bundle (276-4800)
VEX Coding Studio

VEX Coding Studio
A simple, intuitive programming environment that enables students’ coding skills to evolve with practice. Our coding resources will walk you through the process of programming with Modkit blocks, transition you to Modkit text, and pave the way to professional languages such as C++. VCS is classroom and competition-friendly with features built specifically for education and learning as a student develops in their coding expertise.

V5 System Bundle (276-4800) - 8lbs (3628g)
CAD Files