V5 Smart Cables and Tools

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V5 Smart Cables and Tools

V5 Smart Cables allow robot components such as motors and sensors to communicate with the Robot Brain. These are available to purchase at pre-cut short and long assortments, or create your own custom length wires with the V5 Crimping tool!

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V5 Smart Cable Packs

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V5 Smart Cables (Short Assortment)

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V5 Smart Cables (Long Assortment)

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V5 Custom Length Smart Cables

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V5 Smart Cable Crimping Tool

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V5 Smart Cable Stock (8m)

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V5 Smart Cable Connectors (50-Pack)

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V5 Smart Cables are used to connect the V5 Robot Brain to V5 Radio, V5 Motor, Vision Sensor, and other smart devices. V5 Smart Cables can also be used to tether a V5 Robot Brain to a V5 Controller, and to connect a V5 Controller to a second Controller for partnered driving.

Cable Options

V5 Smart Cables come in six predefined lengths.

  • 200mm
  • 300mm
  • 600mm
  • 900mm
  • 1200mm
  • 1500mm

Custom Length Cables

V5 Smart Cables can also be cut to custom length. It is important that each cable's connectors are properly crimped, or else the custom length cables will not work as intended. For instructions on creating custom length cables, see the Docs & Downloads tab.

Kit Contents
V5 Smart Cables (Short Assortment) (276-4860)
  • (2) 200mm Smart Cable
  • (1) 300mm Smart Cable
  • (1) 600mm Smart Cable

V5 Smart Cables (Long Assortment) (276-4861)
  • (2) 600mm Smart Cable
  • (1) 900mm Smart Cable
  • (1) 1200mm Smart Cable
  • (2) 1500mm Smart Cable

V5 Smart Cable Crimp Tool (276-5773)
  • (1) V5 Smart Cable Crimping Tool
V5 Smart Cable Stock (276-5774)
  • (1) Roll of V5 Smart Cable Stock (8m)

V5 Smart Cable Connectors (276-5775)
  • (50) V5 Smart Cable Connectors
Docs & Downloads