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Why VEX V5?

Why VEX V5?

Why VEX V5?

...because the world needs more problem-solving leaders.

VEX kits inspire students to become the problem solving heroes of tomorrow. The VEX V5 system harnesses the excitement of building robots to immerse learners in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) concepts. Educators can bring VEX V5 into the classroom with our custom-made curriculum or use it as a standalone teaching tool in after-school robotics clubs.

  • Versatile construction elements take the frustration out of the engineering process

  • Diverse product line ensures ample opportunities for growth and endless design possibilities

  • Easy-to-use system enables effective learning for both beginners and experts (ranging from middle school to university)

...because VEX is a complete classroom solution.

We believe that teamwork-driven learning environments are the key to expanding STEM education worldwide.

  • Hands-on curriculum options from Robomatter and Project Lead the Way (PLTW) give educators the tools that they need to help students develop problem-solving skills and learn programming fundamentals

  • The FREE project-based VEX V5 Curriculum teaches the engineering design process in a hands-on manner that helps teachers to challenge, motivate, and inspire their students

  • The process of building a robot naturally incorporates many STEM lessons and applications, lessons that students will begin to automatically apply as they advance through the program

Introducing students to STEM, one classroom at a time.

...because it "just works".

No misaligned holes or clashing gears? No problem.

The VEX V5 platform was designed from the ground up to encourage creativity in problem solving. The system itself should never be the biggest constraint in the design process - with VEX, there is almost always more than one way to accomplish the same goal. All of our products are built around each other to ensure seamless integration without frustration.

  • VEX's integrated system of components means that students can focus on questions like "what happens if we change this arm?" instead of "why doesn't this piece fit?"

  • Beginners can get an immediate sense of accomplishment by building basic driveable robots in just a few hours

  • By utilizing feedback from the students and teachers that use VEX every day, we embrace the value of "continuous improvement" and have developed a system truly driven by its users

If you can envision it, you can build it.

...because we're "robotics people", just like you.

All questions regarding VEX parts or competitions on the official forum are personally answered by VEX staff. We love engaging with customers on social media and consider our vibrant community one of VEX's strongest assets.

Meet our community of experts and join the conversation today at!


...because industry-leading technology can come in an accessible package.

We know beginners want a low entry barrier, while experienced users need room to grow.

VEX V5 robots are driven (literally) by cutting-edge technology adapted by our experts specifically for education. The V5 Robot Brain allows for both autonomous and driver control of robots. VEX V5 robots can also bring code to life when programmed using a software solution like VEXcode (available to download for free). This microcontroller also includes VEXnet wireless communication, enabling remote control using up to two V5 Controllers.

Whether you're building your first robot or outfitting a school, there's a solution for you.

  • Starter Kits, designed for 2-6 students, come with everything needed to build a fully-functional robot
  • Our all-encompassing V5 Bundles can engage up to 36 students and includes a classroom competition field!
  • Not JUST for educators, VEX kits and bundles are also a great way for curious individuals to get started with robotics

...because there's nothing quite like the thrill of competition.

From the classroom to the world stage - students are learning STEM concepts without even realizing it!

The VEX Robotics Competition, presented by the Robotics Education & Competition Foundation, is the largest & fastest-growing educational robotics competition for middle school through college-aged students in the world. Each year, an exciting engineering challenge is presented in the form of a game. Students, with guidance from their teachers and mentors, build innovative robots and compete year-round in a variety of match types. The 2016-2017 season saw over 11,400 teams from more than 40 countries take the field, a number that continues to rise every year.

  • Thousands of official competitions offered annually in all 50 states and over 40 countries enable students to compete wherever they may come from

  • Registration costs just $150 for the first team from a school and $100 for each additional team

  • Besides hands-on engineering expertise, a competitive environment instinctively instills other life skills like teamwork, perseverance, communication, collaboration, project management, and critical thinking

Watch as STEM comes alive on the playing field.