The Game Rules

VEX IQ Curriculum - Highrise Programming Challenge

The Game Rules

All of the rules for playing the game and other important information can be found at the VEX IQ Challenge Highrise page.

Important Notes

  • Your teacher will need to obtain the Highrise Field & Game Elements and VEX IQ Challenge Field for this unit OR obtain just the Highrise Field & Game Elements and create a similar field from easy to obtain items.
  • Alternatively, your teacher could get creative and challenge you to design and build for a brand new game that they design.
  • If you’ve already built a robot for the teleoperated portions of the Highrise Challenge, you only need to add sensors and then program your robot to complete the challenge autonomously!

Idea Book Page: The Engineering Notebook

You are provided with an Idea Book Page in this unit that can be used to develop a full Engineering Notebook. Use as many of these pages as you need to document your robot ideas, builds, fixes, changes, and improvements for the game challenge. Alternatively, teachers and students are encouraged, when comfortable, to use the Robotics Engineering Notebook (provided to registered VEX IQ Challenge teams and also sold separately) for this purpose instead.

Robot Challenge Evaluation Rubric:

This rubric can be used to assess your challenge robot in up to eleven technical and non-technical categories. No matter how your teacher chooses to use the rubric, it will be obvious that your PROCESS and your PRODUCT (robot) are equally important.