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Running Autopilot Modes

VEX IQ Curriculum - Smart Machines

Running Autopilot Modes

Your teacher will decide what of the lessons below you will complete as part of the unit. Below are the lessons and links to the necessary information.

I. Read and review Key Terms and Sensor Overview with your classmates and teacher.

II. Complete the unit Matching Exercise.

III. Build Autopilot Robot. See the Autopilot Robot Assembly Instructions in your User Guide.

IV. Use Autopilot Robot to run the three Autopilot Modes.

These are demonstrations of different ways Sensors can work together in a Smart Machine. See the Autopilot Programming page or your kit documentation for details.

Random Mode

Spiral Mode

Lawnmower Mode

V. Default Sensor Functionality Exercises.

See your kit documentation for details in addition to information on the following pages.