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VEX IQ Sensor Review

VEX IQ Curriculum - Smarter Machines

VEX IQ Sensor Review

Here is a brief review of what you learned about each VEX IQ Sensor in the Smart Machines unit. Use this chart to help make decisions about how you might solve the challenges in this unit.

Bumper Switch
Allows for the sense of touch in the VEX IQ platform. Detect a wall, obstacle, or limit mechanism movement.
Distance Sensor
Uses ultrasonic sound waves to measure distance. Measures distance from 1 inch to 10 feet. Commonly used to avoid obstacles.
Gyro Sensor
Measures turn rate and calculates direction. Frequently used in autonomous robot navigation and turning.
Touch LED
Smart Sensor with red, green, blue LEDs. Constant on, off, or blink at any desired rate. Touch sensor with finger for interaction.
Color Sensor
Detects the color of objects. Measures independent red, green, and blue in 256 levels each.
Smart Motor
Commands and measures speed, direction, time, revolutions and/or degrees of turn using its Encoder.