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VEX IQ Support FAQ's

First, make sure your motor is correctly wired. Ensure the Smart Cables are fully seated by pressing until an audible click is heard (You may need to unplug and replug the cables in). If the problem persists, please perform a firmware update followed by a calibration.
Make sure the system has been correctly tethered per this video. Make sure your Radios is fully inserted. No blue logo should be showing, it helps to push the red button on the Robot Brain while inserting. If this fails, you can also swap the Radio from the Controller into the Robot Brain and vice versa.

If you are using the Smart Radio, make sure your Robot Brain and Controller are upgraded to firmware 1.16 or newer.

If all this fails, please remove your Radios and inspect the radio slot on the Controller & Robot Brain. Make sure there are no exposed or smashed pins.
If a Smart Motor / Sensor fails to be identified by the IQ Upgrade Utility, you will need to attempt to restore it by downloading the latest firmware into the motor/ sensor. To do this, connect ONLY the affected Smart Motor / Sensor into the Robot Brain, and perform a firmware update.
If a brain is not identified by the IQ Upgrade Utility, you will need to engage DFU (Device Firmware Update) Mode. To access DFU mode, simply press and hold the up and down buttons while you power up the brain. Then perform a firmware update.
A red blinking light indicates a battery "fault". This can be caused if battery is allowed to be completely drained. It can also happen if the battery is connected to the robot for several weeks.

Even if the robot is off, users are encouraged to charge batteries after each use and to remove them from the robot when not in use.
Sometimes the IQ Smart Motor will make internal motor sounds, but no output will be provided. This motor has stripped gears, and need to be replaced under warranty.
Ensure the Smart Motor is wired correctly. If the problem persists, please perform a firmware update followed by a calibration.

Another common cause of this problem is that the default demo sensor functionality has been enabled in the Driver Control program. This can be solved by unplugging the Distance Sensor, Gyro Sensor, and Color Sensor while running Driver Control.

Finally, this problem can also be caused by a bug in your ROBOTC program.
This situation could happen if the Controller is grabbed / handled by the joysticks. The sticks get pulled-upwards by a few millimeters, which is the cause of the problem.

To fix this issue, push down hard against the joysticks with your thumbs. They should dig about a millimeter, and give the extra needed space to achieve neutral position.
View the corresponding video for default sensor functionality in this YouTube playlist.
Please contact ROBOTC. A screenshot of your error message or code is recommended.