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  1. Storage Bin

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    Convenient storage bins and trays for VEX IQ items.

    • Bin dimensions: 53cm x 33cm x 17cm
    • Tray subdivides parts into 13 sections of varying size
    • Bin also functions as the correct size for VEX EDR components
  2. VEX IQ Field Case


    Take your competition field on the go! This carrying case has enough space to fit half of a VEX IQ Challenge field, allowing for quick and easy transportation.

  3. VEX IQ Challenge Robot Sizing Tool


    Use the VEX IQ Challenge Robot Sizing Tool to quickly inspect whether or not a competition robot fits into the starting size dimension.

    Note: VEX IQ Challenge Field Tile & Wall NOT included.

  4. Rubber Band #32 - Single - (275-1089)

    Starting at: $2.99

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    VEX Rubber Bands have dozens of uses on a robot. Their spring-like properties make them perfect for latches, triggers, and return mechanisms. The synthetic rubber bands work better for high elongation uses. while Silicone rubber bands have a higher coefficient of friction against many types of plastic, enabling your intake mechanisms to grip objects easier.

    Note: All VEX Rubber Bands are latex-free.

  5. VEX IQ Magnetic Beam Pair


    VEX IQ 1x4 Beams with magnets attached at one end. Use Magnetic Beams to teach students how magnets work by comparing how they interact with ferrous metals (or other Magnetic Beams) vs non-magnetic items. Attach them to VEX IQ robots to create new object manipulation tools.

    • Contains one North and one South Pole
    • Responds to any ferrous metal or standard magnet
    • Color-coded for easy sorting
  6. Propeller Disc & Clutch Pack


    Add a propeller launching mechanism onto your robot!
    Featuring the same propellers as the VEX Zip Flyer, this kit includes everything needed to build a prop launcher. When a propeller blade is spun up by the propeller clutch it will eventually spin fast enough to take flight.
    Propellers can travel over 30 feet.

  7. VEX IQ Engineering Notebook (5-pack)


    Use the VEX IQ Engineering Notebook to document the design, construction, and iteration of a classroom or competition robot.

    • (40) blank entry pages (plus helpful examples and guides)
    • 3-hole drilled for binder storage
    • Commonly used formulas and rulers available for easy reference
  8. VEX IQ Robotics Education Guide & Teacher Supplement

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    The VEX IQ Robotics Education Guide provides a solution for teachers searching for a standards matched STEM program as an all-in-one textbook. When paired with the VEX IQ platform it brings accessible, affordable, and powerful STEM lessons to life.

    The Teacher's Supplement provides a roadmap for educators and all of the necessary supporting materials, including a step-by-step means to confidently introduce STEM to students regardless of experience level.

    • Mapped to National Standards (STL, NGSS & Common Core)
    • 12 Flexible Units of STEM Instruction
    • Designed for Elementary & Middle School Levels
  9. VEX IQ User Guide, Build Instructions & Build Tips Poster

    Starting at: $2.99

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    These printed documents were all created to be learning tools for the VEX IQ system. Use these materials as guides for building your VEX IQ robots!

    Note: All of these materials are included when you purchase a Starter Kit or Super Kit.

  10. VEX IQ Robotics Camp Handbook

    The VEX IQ Robotics Camp Handbook enables you to hold a robotics camp regardless of your experience level. This handbook gives educators, competition teams, and community volunteers the in-depth training materials and other resources they need to provide a great robotics experience for students of all ages.

    By covering a variety of topic options and providing support for multiple camp structures, this handbook is adaptable to your specific needs & circumstances.

    • For beginner to intermediate users
    • Flexible one-, three-, and five-day camp options
    • Instruction through open-ended challenges
    • Options for both mechanical & programming focus
  11. 25mm Ball (50-pack)


    Use 25mm Balls to create your own fun challenges and complex mechanisms. Build a VEX IQ "Great Ball Machine" or manipulate these objects in your own creative game. Eight different ball colorscolours enable sorting with a Color Sensor.

    Compatible with VEX Ball Machines.

    • (10) White Balls
    • (10) Black Balls
    • (5) Red Balls
    • (5) Orange Balls
    • (5) Yellow Balls
    • (5) Green Balls
    • (5) Blue Balls
    • (5) Purple Balls
  12. easyC V5 for VEX EDR & VEX IQ

    EasyC provides a crawl, walk, run software design allowing novice users to produce effective code within a short period of time and contains exposure to pure C code for advanced users wanting more complex programming methods. With an intuitive drag-and-drop interface and robust video tutorials, beginners can produce effective programs quickly while also learning concepts of pure C based coding.

    • Graphical controller configuration screen that maps ports to custom component names
    • Intuitive wizard-like programming interface
    • Easy to define gamepad control for tank and arcade driving styles
    • Function block colorcolour scheme matches VEX colorcolour palette
  13. VEX STEM Posters (4-pack) (shown folded)


    Add some VEX-inspired art to your STEM classroom with four exclusive posters! Featuring iconic VEX EDR and VEX IQ elements, these unique posters are the perfect complement to any VEX lab or classroom.

    • 19" x 27" (48.3cm x 68.6cm)
    • Folds down to A4 paper size
    • Matte finish with gloss highlights
  14. VEX Branded Merchandise

    The VEX Merchandise Store is the one and only place to purchase VEX branded apparel and accessories online. With more than 200 unique products already available, there is sure to be an appealing product for everybody. Be sure to check back often, as new products will be added periodically!

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