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...because the path towards a passion for STEM starts early.

Spark a curious mind before they decide that engineering "isn't cool".

Elementary and middle school is the most formative time in a young student's life. The best way to instill a lifelong interest in the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) is to provide a fun, engaging, and hands-on opportunity to explore and experience it for themselves.

By its nature, the study of robotics inherently incorporates all four pillars of STEM. VEX IQ is a snap-together robotics system designed from the ground up to provide this opportunity to future engineers of all skill levels. By packaging advanced concepts into an accessible package, the system also naturally encourages teamwork, problem solving, and leadership for students as young as second grade!

...because VEX’s curriculum tools enable anyone to lead their own STEM learning experience.

While many teachers worldwide understand the importance of a robotics class or after-school program, some may think they lack the expertise to teach it themselves. VEX IQ is here to help.

  • The VEX IQ Robotics Education Guide and Teacher’s Supplement (available as a FREE download) is designed to provide everything an educator needs to create their own semester of STEM learning. Each of the 12 standards-mapped units includes hands-on activities, instructions, assessments, and rubrics for students. The Teacher's Supplement features complete lesson plans including materials lists, time guidelines, answer keys, and helpful notes.

  • The VEX IQ Robotics Camp Handbook (available as a FREE download) is the perfect companion for any robotics camp, regardless of your experience level. With activities designed for 1-, 3-, or 5-day sessions, this handbook provides educators, competition teams, and community volunteers the in-depth training materials and other resources they need to provide a powerful robotics experience for students of all ages.

  • A VEX IQ class is designed to expose students to STEM fundamentals within the context of building a robot. Without even realizing it, students will begin to instinctively apply these lessons to their as they advance through the program. This hands-on process, especially for younger students, establishes an intuitive and deep-rooted expertise that simply cannot be replicated by traditional teaching methods.

Make learning fun again.

...because it "just works".

VEX IQ encourages creativity through its easy-to-use construction system and approachable technology.

  • From a young child just beginning to show interest in robotics to a veteran teacher implementing a school-wide club, VEX's kit and bundle options fit a variety of needs.

  • Each kit includes graphical step-by-step build instructions to help students build their first robot. All kits are also structured around the VEX IQ Curriculum to ensure seamless integration into a STEM classroom.

  • VEX IQ serves as a great springboard into the VEX EDR platform as students grow older. The build fundamentals and programming styles apply to both programs, so lessons introduced while participating in VEX IQ continue to be relevant in VEX EDR and beyond.

  • VEX IQ electronics are "smart". They take industry leading technology, like quadrature encoders and current monitors in every Smart Motor, and package it so that it's easy for both beginners to understand and experts to take full advantage of.

  • At the heart of every robot is the VEX IQ Robot Brain, featuring a backlit LCD screen and 12 Smart Ports (configurable as either motors or sensors) for additional versatility in robot design. In the hands of every student is the VEX IQ Controller, a familiar and intuitive "video game"-style interface.

  • All electronics come with pre-installed Driver Control code, which means that students can drive their creations as soon as they're built! This immediate feedback gives beginners an opportunity to get excited about their creation before diving into programming.

...because "Drive Forward" is the new "Hello World".

Watching code come alive on a physical robot is the most engaging (and fun!) way to learn programming concepts.

As the world grows more technologically complex, computer science and computational thinking are becoming even more crucial fundamentals for students to learn. Since you can physically see the results of your coding exercises, robots offer a uniquely engaging format for learning these concepts.

  • VEXcode allows users to learn key skills that easily transition to the real world, by teaching industry standard C-Programming languages used by professional engineers and computer scientists

...because students need a challenging outlet to apply all of this new knowledge.

Complicated engineering concepts, like "change the gear ratio" or "improve the efficiency of your code", become much more exciting when they actually mean "score more points" or "beat the world champion".

The VEX IQ Challenge serves as a great introduction to competition for younger students. Each year, students solve an engineering challenge presented in the form of a game. Teams can participate in a variety of skill-based and judged events, like demonstrating a Programming Skills autonomous routine or presenting a STEM Research Project. The flagship Teamwork Challenge emphasizes the value of collaboration over combat by pairing teams together to achieve the highest combined score possible.

The 2016-2017 VEX IQ Challenge season saw over 8500 teams from around the world take the field, a number that continues to rise every year.

  • Thousands of official competitions offered annually in all 50 states and over 40 countries enable students to compete wherever they may come from

  • Registration costs just $150 USD$200 CAD£100€130$200 AUD for the first team from a school and $100 USD$130 CAD£50€80$130 AUD for each additional team

  • Besides hands-on engineering expertise, a competitive environment instinctively instills other life skills like teamwork, perseverance, communication, collaboration, project management, and critical thinking

Watch as STEM comes alive on the playing field.