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  1. VEXpro 2 CIM Ball Shifter - 2 Stage

    Highly compact 2 CIM version of our battle-tested two-speed transmission. Ball-lock shifter enables seamless “on-the-fly” shifting at full speed in a compact, light & durable package. Uses a long or short v2 shifter shaft.

  2. FIRST® Cable Protector Kit


    Ships in 1 Week

    For the first time ever, you can purchase an official FIRST field element! This 45" Segment is the exact model used to protect cables found on a Destination: Deep Space field.

    Note: This product is ONLY available on the United States VEX Robotics Site. To purchase it, please switch to the US VEX site by clicking on the flag found at the top of the page. Please note, shipping costs will be higher than normal as this product will be shipping internationally.

  3. FIRST® Hatch Panel


    The official game piece used in the 2019 FIRST® Robotics Competition Game, Destination: Deep Space.

    Note: Some assembly required. The pre-cut loop tape is included to be applied by teams. See the application guide below for instructions.

  4. Polycarbonate Sheet (not to scale)

    Starting at: $49.99

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    These 0.5mm and 1.5mm thick sheets of smoked polycarbonate will come in 3’ x 6’ sheets. The 1.5mm thick sheets are great for thinner brackets and the 0.5mm thick sheets are great for sponsor panels and can even be cut with a pair of scissors.

  5. Pneumatic Fittings

    Starting at: $9.99

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    VEXpro offers two types of pneumatic fittings to provide a lightweight, simple solution when designing robots. All of these fittings have a lightweight plastic body. The NPT threads are made from a nickel plated brass and come with thread sealer pre-applied. This is great for teams since they won’t have to struggle to apply teflon tape the first time they use a fitting.

    The VEXpro Pneumatic Tubing Cutter has a deeper "V" groove for hose, making it easier to create straight cuts over other tube cutters on the market.

  6. 775pro (217-4347)

    Starting at: $3.99

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    The 775pro motor was designed in collaboration with West Coast Products. Including dual bearings, this open-case motor is more efficient than similar ones on the market. We've packed the power of a CIM Motor into a small and lightweight package. This motor is air-cooled and designed to run at high speed; making it perfect for applications where it won't be stalled for long periods of time (like intakes, conveyors and shooter wheels). Match it with a VEXpro VersaPlanetary Gearbox and easily power up your mechanisms!

    The 775pro can also be purchased with 775 Connect and any compatible 775 gear, pulley or adapter pre-installed.

  7. VersaDM Gearbox (Aluminum) (217-6417)

    The VersaDM can be used as a dual motor input for the VersaPlanetary and VersaPlanetary Lite. Unlike the old Dual Motor Input, the VersaDM Gearbox uses a ‘universal motor mounting’ design that allows one mounting pattern to mount RS-550, RS-775 and BAG motors.

    It comes in two different styles: an enclosed version with a super lightweight plastic housing, and an open plate version with pocketed aluminum sideplates, similar to West Coast Products gearboxes.

    The VersaDM Gearbox allows you to choose between 3 different gear ratios: 1:1, 3.75:1 and 5.33:1. The ability to pick a gear ratio AND be an input to the VersaPlanetary means that you can not only eliminate an entire stage from your VersaPlanetary, but also the input block. This means your VP Gearboxes will be smaller and lighter than ever before.

  8. 12T Aluminum Spur Gear (20 DP, CIM Motor, With Mounting Hardware) 217-2614

    Starting at: $6.99

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    7075 T6 Aluminum and 4140 Steel pinions reduce weight and rotational inertia of your gearbox. The VEXpro teflon infused ceramic coating greatly reduces the friction of your gearbox at the initial motor reduction (where drag has the most effect on the system).

    20 DP Pinions will allow you to create the same exact reduction you’ve been creating with the VEXpro 32 DP gears but in a smaller, more compact space.

    VEXpro offers 20 DP gears specifically sized for some of the most popular motors in FRC, including the Falcon 500, CIM, BAG, RS550 and RS775.

    • 14.5 degree pressure angle
    • Mounts to various sized FRC motors
    • Mounts to other motors or gearboxes using a similar shaft
  9. VersaPlanetary 90° Drive Kit


    The VersaPlanetary 90° Drive Kit allows you to drive two perpendicular shafts from the same gearbox, making two-dimensional intakes and conveyors easier than ever. The 90° Drive can go anywhere inside the VersaPlanetary stack, giving you the ability to choose the physical placement of the motor.

    In addition, the bevel gears in the VersaPlanetary 90° Drive are made from the same high quality steel the existing VEXpro bevel gears are made from. These are the same gears teams have been using in their swerve drives for years.

  10. 775 Connect


    We’ve partnered with our friends at The Robot Space to develop a new version of their 775 Connect! This revision kept many features of the original design, such as protecting the motor terminals, giving teams a connector option and the ability to clock the connector around the motor.

    However, we’ve made a few enhancements. For example, the PCB has been redesigned to handle 100A for over 30 seconds, and the connectors now come pre-soldered on the board. No more having to solder the contacts in and snap the housing over.

  11. VersaChassis Mini (4 Mecanum)

    The VersaChassis Mini system was designed to be highly customizable, allowing teams the freedom to design almost any kind of drive system they’d like. The VersaChassis Mini was also designed to be lightweight so teams could maximize their power-to-weight ratio. This means you use less power accelerating and moving your robot, and more power playing the game and scoring points.

    Lightweight doesn’t mean low-strength. For example, the chassis is assembled with ultra lightweight 1” x 1” x 0.40” wall VersaFrame tubing and sheet-metal gussets. These are the same materials FRC teams have been using in their robots for years.

    In addition, two different VersaChassis Mini “Upgrade Kits” will allow you to get even more out of your drivetrain. The 6 Wheel Drive upgrade kit allows you to expand your basic VersaChassis Mini to be a 6 wheel drive. The H-Drive upgrade kit allows you to turn your VersaChassis Mini into an H-drive, giving your robot the ability to move in any direction with just 3 motors.

  12. Straight Flex Wheels (15 Choices)

    Starting at: $4.99

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    Developed in collaboration with West Coast Products, Straight Flex Wheels are for use with intakes, conveyor systems and shooters.

    Flex Wheels are made of a super tough custom blend of silicone rubber - different than any other flexible or compliant wheel currently used by FTC or FRC teams. Each of our four wheel diameters are offered in 3 different durometers: the super soft 30A in light gray, the medium hardness 40A in dark gray and the hardest 60A in black. The varying hardnesses can be used to change the traction and compliance of your mechanism.

    The 1-5/8" and 2” diameter wheels have a 9mm hex, which is meant to be stretched on to a 1/2" hex shaft. The 3” and larger wheels have a 1” bore, which can be stretched over a VersaHub so they can be driven by a hex shaft, VersaPulley or plate sprocket. This also allows you to stretch these wheels over a VersaRoller tube to create a strong and lightweight roller.

  13. VersaPlanetary 180° Drive

    It's sometimes just not possible to orient a gearbox in the preferred orientation. By “folding” the motor back on your VersaPlanetary gearbox, we’ve found a way to cut the length of your VersaPlanetary-plus-motor assembly in half.

    For an easy, off the shelf solution, you can use the 180 degree gusset kit and its associated GT2 belts and pulleys. Or, you also have the option of buying the standalone 180 degree drive block to integrate into custom designs.

  14. 15T Steel Bevel Gear (12DP, 3/8" Hex Bore) (217-3344)

    Starting at: $24.99

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    The "standard" swerve drive bevel gear.

    • 15-tooth, 12-DP gear
    • Commonly used in FRC coaxial swerve drives
    • 4140 steel with black oxide for superior performance
  15. VersaPlanetary Ratchet Kit (217-6048)


    Ratchet wrenches should be used to build your robot, not built into them. This simple add-on slice allows you to make any VersaPlanetary gearbox drive in only one direction.

    Unlike a ratcheting wrench, we’ve designed the VersaPlanetary Ratchet Slice to be as easy to release as possible. Just take the load off the ratchet, press the button, and the VersaPlanetary will spin in both directions again. Release the button, and the VersaPlanetary goes back to ratcheting.

    Inside, the ratchet itself is symmetrical. This means you can decide which direction the VersaPlanetary spins just by flipping the pawl. No need to completely disassemble your entire VersaPlanetary to change directions!

  16. #25 Chain Tool (217-1719)

    Starting at: $5.99

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    #25 and #35 chain tools are designed specifically with FIRST® Robotics Competition teams in mind. These handy tools makes it easy to break and assemble chain, and are also sized to assemble chain in place on your robot.
  17. Universal Female Output Shaft Kit (217-5839)


    The VersaPlanetary Universal Female Output Shaft Kit allows users to drive a variety of shafts directly from the Gearbox. This allows users to create custom length output shafts that are longer than a standard set length.

    This kit also includes adapters for three various shaft sizes:

    • 1/2" Hex
    • 3/8" Hex
    • 1/4" Square
  18. VersaRoller Application Example

    Starting at: $3.99

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    Developed as a collaboration between West Coast Products and VEX Robotics, the VersaRoller system gives teams a modular system to create almost any kind of roller. Available in high-strength black anodized aluminum or lightweight plastic, the VersaRoller system enables you to easily create the solution for your roller needs.

  19. VersaHex Adapters (3/8" Hex, 1/4" Long) (217-5948)

    Starting at: $4.99

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    VersaHex Adapters allows you to change any 1/2" Hex Bore product to either a 3/8" hex, 1/4" square or 6mm D Shaft bore. This means that you can run a GT2 pulley on a 3/8" Hex Shaft, a VEXpro Hub Sprocket on a VEX EDR High Strength Shaft or a VEXpro 20 DP gear on a 6mm D Shaft. Each type of VersaHex Adapters come in 1/8" and 1/4" lengths.
  20. GT2 Timing Belt

    Starting at: $6.99

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    GT2 timing belts are intended for lower load applications such as the first reduction in a gearbox, or motor to flywheel. GT2 belts use a smaller pitch than HTD belts, which means you can use larger reductions in those tight fit areas of your robot. These belts go hand in hand with GT2 timing pulleys, and are great for low-load applications.
  21. 100t Aluminum Spur Gear (32 DP, 3/8" Hex Bore) (217-5865)

    Starting at: $6.99

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    An assortment of gear types providing the maximum versatility of gearing options to users. These gears have a Diametral Pitch of 32, which allows for reductions in smaller areas. They are also pocketed for maximum weight savings. Great for lighter load applications and smaller robots!

    Note: These gears are NOT compatible with VEXpro 20 DP gears.

  22. 60t x 9mm Wide Double Flange Aluminum Pulley (GT2 3mm, 1/2" Hex Bore) (217-5876)

    Starting at: $13.99

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    Synchronous timing belts and pulleys are lighter and can be more efficient than chains and sprockets. Once set up, they require no tensioning or adjustment. These pulleys go hand in hand with GT2 timing belts, and are great for low-load applications.
  23. VersaPlanetary Lite Base Kit, 1:1, 3/8" Hex Output (217-5823)

    The VersaPlanetary Lite takes everything you know and love about the VersaPlanetary V2, and puts it into a lightweight plastic form factor. The VersaPlanetary Lite is perfect for the FIRST®Tech Challenge, and low-stress FIRST® Robotics Competition applications.

    The VersaPlanetary Lite uses a plastic housing and ring gear, and the existing gear sets from the VersaPlanetary. One of its cooler features is that you can mix and match components from the original VersaPlanetary, and the VersaPlanetary Lite. For example, you could use a plastic input and output with a metal ring gear, or a metal input and output with a plastic ring gear.

  24. Ball Shifter MagEncoder Mount Kit (217-5906)


    The Mag Encoder is a sensor that measures the rotational position and velocity of the shaft driving your mechanism. After releasing the Mag Encoder a few years ago, we received a ton of positive feedback from the FRC community. However, you also told us that there was not an easy way to actually mount the mag encoder to a ball shifter. That is now a thing of the past with the Ball Shifter Mag Encoder Mount.

    This mount allows users to easily mount a Mag Encoder to any existing VEXpro Ball Shifter. No need to modify any of the Ball Shifters that you already own! Now you can easily add a Mag Encoder to your ball shifter, and it only takes a few minutes to install.

  25. Urethane Flat Belting

    Starting at: $29.99

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    Use Urethane belting in conveyor systems to move objects from point A to point B. The wider the belt, the heavier the load that can be moved.

    You can use these in conjunction with the VersaRoller system to create intakes, feeders, and other mechanisms.

  26. 4.75mm D Shaft Adapter Hub (217-5825)

    Starting at: $9.99

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    D Shaft Adapter Hubs bridge the gap between some of the different building systems in the FTC community by allowing easier accessibility to VEX EDR gears and wheels.

    D Shaft Adapter Hubs are meant to go on either 6mm D Shafts or 4.75mm (3/16”) D-Shafts. They have two different bolt patterns. The first is the 4x #8-32 tapped holes on a 1” bolt circle, which is commonly found on VEX EDR gears, sprockets and wheels. The second is 4x #6-32 tapped holes on a 16mm bolt circle, which is commonly found on Tetrix, Actobotics and AndyMark products.

    Other examples include:

  27. 1.126" Carbide Tipped Chucking Reamer (217-6019)


    Use a Reamer to enlarge the size of a previously formed hole by a small amount. This tool ensures a high degree of accuracy, and also leaves smooth edges. Use it to ream out the ID of VersaRoller Tubes to 1.126" so that bearings and hubs are easier to fit. This reamer is custom designed with a 1/2" shank so that teams can use a hand drill to ream out holes.

  28. 3 CIM Ball Shifter (shown with 3 optional CIM motors)

    The ultimate FIRST ® Robotics Competition drivetrain gearbox. Ball-lock shifter enables seamless “on-the-fly” shifting at full speed in a compact, light & durable package.

    • Use with one, two, or three CIM-style motors
    • Configurable Reduction & Shifter Spread Options
    • Designed specifically for the FIRST Robotics Competition, Battle Tested by Champions
  29. VersaPlanetary Gearbox (single stage)

    Modular planetary gearbox system designed specifically for use by FIRST ® Robotics Competition teams. The easiest way to put power where you need it in your design.

    • Adapts a variety of FIRST ® Robotics Competition motors (BAG, MiniCIM, RS-550, 775 Series, AM-9015, and CIM)
    • 4 output shaft options make integration easy
    • Six different planetary stages provide dozens of gearing options from 3:1 to 100:1
  30. VersaPlanetary Integrated Encoder


    Precise robot control just got easier. The VersaPlanetary Integrated Encoder is the simplest way to gain control over your mechanisms with encoder feedback straight from the popular VersaPlanetary gearbox. The included CTR Electronics SRX Magnetic Encoder outputs both relative (quadrature) and absolute (PWM) position signals, and connects directly to the Talon SRX without the need for a custom interface!

  31. VersaPlanetary CIM Adapter


    Makes it easier than ever before to mount a CIM or Mini CIM onto a VersaPlanetary and adapt it easily into your design!
  32. VersaPlanetary Dual Motor Input


    Discontinued. Available while supplies last.

    Dual motor input stage for the VersaPlanetary gearbox. Allows users to combine the power of two VEXpro BAG, RS-550, or 775 Series motors for additional versatility.
  33. WCP SS - Single Speed Base Kit

    This 2-stage, single speed gearbox is designed from the ground up to be one of the most versatile and easily adaptable gearboxes in the marketplace.

    • Option for integration into West-Coast Style Drivetrain (includes chassis bearing block)
    • Five Gear Ratio Options Available, with no changes to plates
    • Designed to Direct Drive any VEXpro or WCP wheel
    • Extra Long Shaft can be cut to desired length
  34. WCP DS - Dual Speed Base Kit

    The West Coast Products DS Gearbox is the lightest Dog-Style shifting gearbox on the market. Like all West Coast Products items this gearbox is easily adaptable into a West-Coast style drivetrain, or into a conventional skid steer drivetrain.

    • Options for either two or three CIM-style motor inputs
    • Standard output or specializedspecialised West Coast Drive Mounting (includes WCD bearing block)
    • Extended length output shaft can be cut by teams to match their configuration
    • Mount to VersaChassis & direct drive any WCP or VEXpro wheel
  35. Single Speed, Single Reduction Gearbox (with optional CIM Motors attached)

    Starting at: $59.99

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    Three motors into a one stage gearbox with reduction up to 7:1

    • 5.33:1, 6:1, 7:1
    • Designed for use with up to 3 motors
    • AGMA 11 quality gears with teflon infused ceramic coating
  36. Single Speed, Double Reduction Gearbox

    Two stage gearboxes with reduction up to 9.52:1

    • 2 CIM Motors
    • Housing is completely enclosed
    • Compatible with US Digital Encoder (all hardware included)
    • Compatible with Grayhill Encoder (coupler required)
    • AGMA 11 quality gears with teflon infused ceramic coating
  37. Gear With 3/8" Hex Bore

    Starting at: $9.99

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    Assortment of gears made from 7075-T6 with a teflon infused ceramic coating or 4140 Steel.

    • 3/8" hex bores for use on hex shafts
    • Made from 7075-T6 aluminum with a teflon infused ceramic coating or 4140 Steel with a black nitride finish
    • Overall width 0.500"
  38. Gear with 1/2" Hex Bore

    Starting at: $9.99

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    Assortment of gears made from 7075-T6 with a teflon infused ceramic coating.

    • 1/2" hex bores for use on hex shafts
    • 20DP with 14.5 degree pressure angle
    • Overall width 0.500"
  39. Bearing Bore Gear

    Starting at: $17.99

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    Assortment of gears made from 7075-T6 with a teflon infused ceramic coating.

    • 1.125" bearing bores for dead axle applications
    • Includes VersaKey pattern for perfect piloting
    • Overall width 0.500"
  40. 60t Ball Shifter Gear

    Starting at: $19.99

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    Assortment of gears made from 7075-T6 with a teflon infused ceramic coating, with special bores for shifting gearboxes.

    • Ball Shifter gears include cutouts for the VEXpro Ball Shifter
    • Dog gears include cutouts for the WCP DS gearbox
    • 20 DP with 14.5 degree pressure angle
    • Overall width 0.500"
  41. 217-4045 (Colson 1.625"x0.875", 1/2" Hex bore)

    Starting at: $4.99

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    Colson Performa wheels are some of the most widely used and recognizable wheels in large-scale competition robotics. Originally designed for industrial material handling applications, their ideal balance of traction and durability make them a natural fit for our uniquely demanding environment.

    When VEX Robotics engineers combined their experience on the playing field with Colson Caster's top wheel designers, the result was simple and effective: light-weight VEXpro hex hubs molded directly into the same Colson molds that teams have been using for years.

    • Durable, high-traction wheels
    • Wide variety of sizes fit in any application
    • Integrated plastic hex hubs
  42. Colson Dead Hub (217-3429)

    Starting at: $9.99

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    WCP Colson Hubs are the quickest and easiest way to integrate a Colson solid-core rubber wheel into an FRC drivetrain. Colson Live hubs enable a direct drive system via a powered hex shaft (like in the VersaChassis), and Colson Dead hubs allow the wheels to be powered by a sprocket, pulley, or gear using the VersaKey pattern.

    • Colson Dead Hubs are VersaKey compatible
    • Machined from 6061-T6 Aluminum
    • Black anodizedanodised for superior performance
  43. VersaWheel DT (4") (217-3197)

    Starting at: $5.99

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    VersaWheels offer superior traction performance while maintaining an accessible price point. The integrated VersaKey pattern allows for the mounting of sprockets or gears on each side of the wheel without additional VersaHubs. VersaWheel DTs come with an optional 1/2" hex bore, which allows for direct-drive of the wheel without any additional hub.

    • Custom "W" tread pattern is specifically designed for FIRST ® Robotics Competition carpet
    • VersaWheel DT's feature a diamond tread pattern for greater wear resistance
  44. 1/4” ID Aluminum VersaHub (217-3237)

    Starting at: $2.99

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    VEXpro VersaHubs provide frustration-free torque transfer between wheels, gears, sprockets, and shafts.

    VersaHubs include the innovative VersaKey mounting system -- VersaKeys transfer torque between coaxial items, and also ensure everything is piloted correctly.

    Note: ThunderHex should not be used with plastic hubs in high torque applications.

  45. 4" Omni-Directional Wheel v2

    Starting at: $17.99

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    Omni-Directional wheels roll forward like normal wheels, but slide sideways with almost no friction (no skidding during turns). Use these wheels to make your robot turn smoothly or build a holonomic drivetrain.

    • Glass-filled Nylon Body
    • Compatible with VersaHubs
    • Custom rollers for each wheel ensure a round wheel and smooth ride.

    Ships fully assembled.

  46. 8" Mecanum Wheel - Right

    Starting at: $29.99

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    Mecanum wheels allow savvy robot designers to create drivetrains capable of moving in any direction using a standard chassis shape. Simply power each wheel with a different motor and change the directions the wheels spin to get your robot to move in different directions!

    • Glass-filled Nylon Body, ABS-PC Roller Mounts, Rubber Rollers
    • Compatible with VersaHubs
    • Custom rollers for each wheel ensure a round wheel and smooth ride

    6" & 8" wheels ship fully assembled.

  47. 6" Mecanum Roller Kit - Left

    Starting at: $15.99

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    Replacement roller mounts with rollers attached for the 4", 6", and 8" Mecanum Wheels.

    • 4" Kits contain (6) replacements (one full wheel)
    • 6" Kits contain (5) replacements (half of one wheel)
    • 8" Kits contain (7) replacements (half of one wheel)
  48. 4" Traction Wheel (in 1" wide configuration) with two 4" Traction Tires (sold separately)

    VEXpro Traction Wheels are designed to be the ultimate in versatility and performance. These wheels include the VEXpro VersaKey mounting system, which ensures every sprocket, hub, and gear are perfectly piloted -- no more wobbly sprockets!

    • Ships assembled in 1" configuration
    • Includes hardware for 1.5” and 2” wide configurations
    • Customize with VEXpro Tread
  49. Tread Attachment Rivet


    Rivets for Roughtop or Wedgetop tread. Change tread quickly using these rivets.

    • Sold in a pack of 13 rivets.
    • Requires a pop-rivet tool to install.
  50. #25 Roller Chain

    Starting at: $2.99

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    Roller Chain in 10 foot lengths for use with any #25 or #35 Sprocket.

    • Available in #25H and #35
    • ANSI standard
    • Master Link included with 10 ft purchase
    • Chain Break Tools available to easily separate chain
  51. #25 Sprocket w/ Hub - 22t - 1/2" Hex ID

    Starting at: $7.99

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    VEXpro Sprockets are custom manufactured out of high strength aluminum, black anodizedanodised for superior performance.

    • Plate sprockets are 6061-T6 aluminum
    • Hub sprockets are 7075-T6 aluminum
    • Number of teeth laser engraved on each sprocket
    • Compatible with either #25 or #25H Roller Chain
  52. 12t Aluminum Hub Double Sprocket (#35 Chain, 1/2" Hex Bore) (217-2658)

    Starting at: $11.99

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    VEXpro Sprockets are custom manufactured out of high strength aluminum, black anodizedanodised for superior performance.

    • Plate sprockets are 6061-T6 aluminum
    • Hub sprockets are 7075-T6 aluminum
    • Sprocket size is laser engraved on each part
  53. HTD Timing Belt (5mm pitch), 9mm Width

    Starting at: $7.99

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    Assortment of HTD profile synchronous timing belts made from neoprene and fiberglass tensile cord.

    • 9mm width
    • 5mm pitch
  54. HTD Timing Belt (5mm pitch), 15mm Width

    Starting at: $10.99

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    Assortment of HTD profile synchronous timing belts made from neoprene and fiberglass tensile cord.

    • 15mm width
    • 5mm pitch
  55. Timing Pulley (HTD 5mm) - 36T, 9mm Double Flange, 1/2" Hex

    Starting at: $12.99

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    Timing pulleys for use with HTD profile timing belts.

    • 1/2" hex bores for use on hex shafts
    • HTD profile is ideal for FIRST ® Robotics Competition applications
    • Machined from high strength aluminum
  56. VersaPulley Kit (HTD 5mm) - 60T, 18mm wide

    Starting at: $3.99

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    Variable width pulleys for use with HTD profile timing belts. These glass-filled Nylon pulleys include VersaKey mounting for effortless integration with VEXpro Wheels & VersaHubs.

    • VersaKey mounting system for perfect piloting
    • HTD profile is ideal for FIRST ® Robotics Competition applications
    • Glass-filled Nylon Body
  57. WCP Cam


    The WCP Cam is used in conjunction with a VersaBlock, WCP Side Bearing Block, or WCP Gearbox Bearing Block to ensure proper chain or belt tension in a "West Coast"-style drivetrain.

  58. 217-4104 (VersaFrame 1" x 1" x 0.100" Pre-Drilled Tube Stock, 59" length)

    Starting at: $19.99

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    The VersaFrame Stock is a construction system that allows teams to build an upper frame in whatever configuration they can imagine. Pre-drilled holes on a standard 1" pitch are designed to be used with #8 screws and 5/32" rivets, and can be easily drilled out for larger hardware. No need for precision fabrication capability - with just a saw and a drill, any team can build light-weight world-class frames.

  59. 217-3556 (VersaFrame 135 Degree Gusset)

    Starting at: $5.99

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    The VersaFrame is a construction system that allows teams to build an upper frame in whatever configuration they can imagine. Pre-drilled holes on a standard 1" pitch are designed to be used with #8 screws and 5/32" rivets, and can be easily drilled out for larger hardware. No need for precision fabrication capability - with just a saw and a drill, any team can build light-weight world-class frames.

  60. Single Reduction Clamping Gearbox


    The Single Reduction Clamping Gearbox achieves versatility through its simplicity. This gearbox uses four bolts to clamp onto a piece of 1" x 2" VersaFrame tube - no precision machining needed. Once mounted, it mounts a CIM-style motor offset from a bearing block on a perfect 84-tooth gear spacing. Use this efficient setup to drive an upper mechanism with ease, or combine multiple gearboxes to create a smooth-running, lightweight VersaChassis.

    • Simple design for quick assembly and maintenance
    • Variety of gearing options
    • Combines with the Plastic Bearing Block for a second stage reduction
  61. Example VersaChassis with two WCP DS 3 CIM gearboxes and eight VEXpro Traction Wheels

    The VersaChassis is the first product co-developed by the engineering teams at VEX and West Coast Products. This chassis provides the “West Coast” style drivetrain in a very versatile package. While there are a few products on the market right now which allow for construction of similar drivetrains, none allow for a fully custom configuration like the VersaChassis.

  62. VersaDrop (Wheel and VersaFrame Stock not included)


    The VersaDrop is a configurable drop down module for use with 4" wheels. This product was designed to work with the VersaFrame System, allowing all teams, regardless of their resources the ability to create the popular Butterfly and Octocanum drivetrains. Teams have the ability to design their own actuated drivetrain solution with the VersaDrop.

  63. VersaBlock with WCP Cam on 1" x 2" VersaFrame Tubing

    Starting at: $5.99

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    The VersaBlock easily bolts on to the outside of the pre-drilled VersaChassis tubing - no precision machining needed to achieve a precision aligned drivetrain. For users who prefer the traditional “milled slot” approach, the 2-piece WCP Side Bearing Block provides a lightweight and compact solution.

  64. 217-4399 (VersaFrame Linear Motion Gusset Kit)

    Starting at: $3.99

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    VersaFrame linear motion gussets allow for seamless integration into designs incorporating lifts or other motion elements. The VersaFrame Roller Chain Mount provides a simple yet effective method of directly attaching structural parts to #25 or #35 chain. In tandem, these components can be used to create elegant linear elevators and other moving sub-systems.

  65. 2014 Drive in a Day Chassis Kit (217-3648)

    Starting at: $19.99

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    During the 2014 VEXpro Build Blitz, Team JVN designed a configurable drive base system that produces lightweight, affordable, and robust sheet metal drivetrains. With a 0.5" pitch and a wide variety of mounting holes for motors, gearboxes, and bearings, teams can use the 2014 Drive in a Day to build the drivetrain that's right for them.

    • Supports 4WD or 6WD (with 1/8" drop center)
    • Optional Cross Rail can be used for a 5-wheel H-drive
    • Fits 3.25" or 4" wheels (Omni, Mecanum, or Traction wheels)
    • Natively mounts most VEXpro gearboxes
    • Mounts CIM-style motors directly to the side rails for a clean and efficient single reduction
  66. Victor SPX (217-9191)


    The Victor 883 Motor Controller, revolutionary for its time, was the first product ever designed by Innovation First. Nearly twenty years later, the Victor SPX is the fifth generation of motor controllers designed for the FIRST® Robotics Competition. Designed in collaboration with CTR Electronics, the Victor SPX is 10% smaller and 25% lighter than the Victor SP, making it the smallest and lightest motor controller in FIRSTRobotics Competition history.

    In addition to PWM, this next generation of Victor now supports CAN. The Victor SPX also brings over many of the features from the Talon, including voltage control and closed loop position control.

  67. Talon SRX


    The Talon SRX offers the latest in smart speed controller technology compressed into a robust, compact package. This latest iteration of the popular Talon platform from Cross the Road Electronics adds support for CAN, additional communication protocols, and integrated PID control.

    • Includes support for several communication protocols
    • Onboard PID algorithms grant quick access to advanced control
    • Compact, lightweight package is ideal for competitive robotics
  68. Talon SRX Analog Breakout Board


    This breakout board makes wiring 5V analog sensors to the Talon SRX quick and easy. When connected to the Talon SRX through a ribbon cable, the breakout board provides solder pads to help connect your necessary sensors. This breakout board is designed specifically for use with the Talon SRX - it scales a native 5V analog signal to a Talon SRX compliant 3.3V, helping 5V magnetic shaft encoders to "just work" without additional circuitry.

  69. Talon SRX Encoder Breakout Board


    This breakout board makes wiring a quadrature encoder or limit switch to the Talon SRX quick and easy. When connected to the Talon SRX through a ribbon cable , the breakout board provides solder pads for quadrature encoders (on the top) and limit switches (on the bottom).

  70. Talon SRX Data Cable


    This 12" long cable contains female 2x5 pin data connections on either end to help facilitate Talon SRX external inputs. It can be used to connect the Talon SRX to feedback devices such as potentiometers, limit switches, analog & quadrature encoders as well as providing other future expansion options beyond what is currently supported.
  71. CAN Connector


    The CAN Connector joins together two CAN devices. For devices that support a CAN bus (such as the Talon SRX), the CAN Connector can be used to "daisy chain" multiple devices together. See Section 1.3.2 of the Talon SRX User's Guide for more details.

  72. Voltage Regulator Module


    The Voltage Regulator Module from Cross the Road Electronics provides access to different constant voltages for custom sensors, cameras, or other unique applications.

  73. Power Distribution Panel


    The Power Distribution Panel (PDP) from Cross the Road Electronics is the latest DC power interface for competition robotics. The PDP uses CAN to connect directly to the roboRIO and allows for individual current monitoring on each channel.

  74. Pneumatic Control Module


    The Pneumatic Control Module from Cross the Road Electronics provides an easy all-in-one interface for pneumatic components.

  75. CIM-ile (with optional RS-550 motor)

    The CIM-ile gives teams the ability to emulate the RPM and mounting pattern of the popular CIM motor using two smaller motors in a compact, lightweight package. The precision VEXpro gears and glass-filled nylon housing create a system that is “similar” to a CIM and can be used with any gearbox or drive where a CIM would be used.

    • Accepts RS-550 or 775 Series motors
    • Single spur reduction to minimize size and weight
    • Can be used anywhere a CIM would be used
  76. Gadgeteer Pigeon IMU


    The Pigeon, by Cross the Road Electronics, is an IMU (Inertial Measurement Unit) designed with FIRST® Robotics Competition teams in mind. This lightweight device has 9 degrees of freedom, and contains an accelerometer, a gyro, and a 3-axis magnetometer. It can be connected to the Gadgeteer Port on the Talon SRX or HERO for power, or it can be wired to the CAN bus while powered from a separate 12V source. Use it during autonomous as an easy way to measure direction or acceleration in a direction!

  77.  Electrical Wire (5 choices)

    Starting at: $6.99

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    Flexible electrical wire is perfect for wiring robots cleanly and effectively. Use it with motor controllers (such as the Victor SP or Talon SRX) or other key power transfer connections.

    • 600+ strands of high performance copper wire (Silicone wire only)
    • Flexible & durable casing
    • 25 ft. length
  78. CIM Motor


    The CIM motor can be used to power a drivetrain or other mechanism on large competitive robots.

    • FIRST ® Robotics Competition Legal
    • 12V DC Motor
  79. Mini CIM Motor


    The Mini CIM has 2/3 the power of a CIM motor, in a similar form-factor and with the same mounting. Similar output speeds allow Mini CIM motors to be combined in mechanisms with full-size CIM motors using the same gearing. Use this motor interchangeably with CIMs in your designs, then swap them in and out to put your power where you need it most.

    • FIRST ® Robotics Competition Legal
    • 12V DC Motor
  80. BAG Motor


    The BAG Motor is a motor designed specifically for medium-power applications on FIRST ® Robotics Competition robots. This motor is constructed similarly to the CIM & Mini CIM, with the sealed-case robustness FIRST ® Robotics Competition teams have come to love & trust.

    The VersaPlanetary was created with the BAG Motor in mind. Use a 100:1 VersaPlanetary Gearbox to turn the BAG Motor into a low-RPM, high-torque gearmotor ready for use in your application.

    • FIRST ® Robotics Competition Legal
    • 12V DC Motor
  81. Circuit Breakers

    Starting at: $4.99

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    • 20A & 30A: ATC style auto resettable circuit breaker
    • 40A: MAXI style 40A auto resettable fuse
  82. SMC SY3240-6LZ Double Solenoid Valve (use with Base Mount) (217-2948)

    Starting at: $2.99

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    Solenoids and manifold bases designed for use with pneumatic systems on FRC and other large scale robots.

    • 12V solenoid valve includes connectors and wires
    • 4 different manifold sizes available
    • Base mounts include input fittings
  83. Pancake Pneumatic Cylinder, 3/4" Bore, 1/2" Travel


    Replacement Pancake Pneumatic Cylinder, 3/4" Bore, 1/2" Travel that is used in VEXpro Ball Shifters.

  84. WCP DS - Pneumatic Hardware Kit


    Pneumatic hardware kit for use with the WCP DS gearbox.

  85. VEXpro Ball Shifter Pneumatic Fitting Kit


    Fittings for use with the Pancake Pneumatic Cylinder included with the VEXpro Ball Shifter.

  86. Extension Cable Retaining Clip (10-pack)


    Plastic clips used for holding two 2-wire and 3-wire cables together with a rigid connection in an active environment.

  87. ThunderHex

    Starting at: $9.99

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    ThunderHex Stock & Bearings will revolutionize the ways teams use hex shaft.

    ThunderHex Stock works in all applications where 3/8" or 1/2" Hex Shaft will work and also includes rounded corners. These rounded corners allow the shaft to pilot inside a 10.25 or 13.75 mm round (ThunderHex) Bearing instead of a standard 1/2" Hex Bearing. This eliminates some difficult manufacturing tolerances and results in a MUCH smoother end result. Simply put, ThunderHex Bearings are the best way to create smooth-running hex shafts, and ThunderHex Stock helps you accomplish this without a lathe.

    Also, since you're essentially putting a round peg in a round hole, no more struggling to align the hex of your shaft with the hex hole of your bearing.

  88. 1/2" Hex Stock (3 feet)

    Starting at: $7.99

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    VEXpro offers several different lightweight shaft stock options made from both 6061 aluminum (for tube axles) and 7075 T6 Aluminum (for high-strength hex shafts handling torsional loads). These shaft lengths are correctly toleranced such that they fit perfectly through bearings and hubs, without extra work.

    While it's tough to get excited about a few pieces of shaft stock, these shafts are specifically created to reduce user frustration. Do yourself a favor, buy some of the good stuff.

    • 7075-T6 Aluminum (3/8" & 1/2" Hex)
    • 6061-T6 Aluminum (1/2" Tube)
    • Black anodizedanodised
    • 18" or 3' lengths
  89. Flanged Bearing

    Starting at: $2.99

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    Commonly used bearings and replacement bearings for VEXpro gearboxes.

  90. 1/2" Hex Shaft Coupler


    Connects two sections of 1/2” Hex shaft together. Clamping design provides axial retention of both shafts, while providing high torque transfer capability.

    • Clamped together with (8x) $4-40 x 0.375" Socket Head Bolts
    • Allows for 3/4" of engagement from each shaft
    • Use included holes to pin each side in place
    • Flats on each side allow for the use of a wrench to turn the coupled shafts
  91. Clamping Shaft Collar - 1/2" Hex ID (217-2737)

    Starting at: $2.99

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    Axially retain items on shafts with thinner than normal shaft collars. These custom clamping shaft collars are designed specifically for FIRST ® Robotics Competition applications where space on an axle is important.

    • 8mm Round
    • 3/8" and 1/2" Hex
    • 3/8" and 1/2" Round
  92. Delrin Hex Washers (11 choices)

    Starting at: $5.99

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    Useful for spacing out items axially. They come in black. We think they're pretty cool, but they're really not very exciting.

    • Various Thicknesses
    • Fits 1/2" or 3/8" Hex and Round Shafts
    • Sized to easily slide onto VEXpro shafts
  93. 2mm Key (5-pack)


    2mm steel machine key intended to be used with CIM motors.

    • 2mm x 2mm x 20mm
    • Zinc plated 4140 steel
    • Transfer power using keyways on CIM Motors
  94. 1/8" Key Stock


    1 foot length of 1/8" Key Stock.

  95. 8mm to 1/2" Hex Adapter


    The 8mm to 1/2" Hex Adapter turns any standard CIM style motor (with an 8mm shaft) into a direct 1/2" hex drive. The perfectly toleranced 8mm round bore and keyway slide easily onto the CIM-style shaft and allow for use with items that have a 1/2" Hex Bore.

    • ID: 8mm with 2mm keyway
    • OD: 1/2" hex
    • Length: 1.0" (25.4mm)
    • Black anodized for superior performance

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