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Launched in 2017

VEXpro: New for 2017

Introducing a new and improved version of the VersaPlanetary Gearbox, new steel gears, and a sensor that will make programming your autonomous routines easier than ever!

VersaPlanetary Gearbox v2

The battle-tested VersaPlanetary Gearbox just got even better. With the implementation of v2, your entire assembly is new held together by screws that install on the "back" side of the housing. This means that you can now disassemble the gearbox and change gear sets without ever having to remove your output shaft from the robot! A few other subtle changes have been made also, such as bosses on the side of the gearbox, allowing you to "crank down" on the mounting screws without having to worry about misaligning a ring-gear stage.

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Steel and (Even More) Aluminum Gears

Sometimes, it's just reassuring to know that your gears are more than strong enough for the job. Now, with the implementation of steel gears, you can do just that. These gears are made from 4140 steel, allowing for a minimal difference in weight, with a maximum amount of strength.

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Gadgeteer Pigeon IMU

Designed by Cross the Road Electronics, the Pigeon makes sensing robot direction easier than ever. This lightweight device contains 9 degrees of freedom, and contains an accelerometer, a gyro, and a 3-axis magnetometer. Use it during autonomous as an easy way to measure direction or acceleration in a direction!

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Community Submissions

Many of our products and applications are the direct result of contributions or suggestions from our incredible community. If you develop a unique product or idea that features VEXpro components, please get in touch with our team at! We can't wait to see what you come up with!