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Launched in 2018

Heavily based off customer feedback, this year's new VEXpro products provide accessibility for smaller robots, while also giving you more flexibility in your designs. We're not just creating products for you to use on your robot, we're creating products that we want to use on our own.

Victor SPX

The Victor 883 motor controller was the first product Innovation First ever created back in 1999. Now, nearly 20 years later, we’re releasing the Victor SPX, the 5th generation of Victor motor controller designed for FIRST® Robotics Competition teams. In addition to PWM, the Victor SPX now supports CAN, and is the lightest and smallest motor controller in FRC history.

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180° VersaPlanetary Kit

Sometimes a VersaPlanetary is just too long - especially by the time you add an encoder slice and a ratchet slice. The VersaPlanetary 180° Drive Kit fixes this by "folding" the motor back on the VersaPlanetary Gearbox. This makes it even easier to fit a VersaPlanetary on your next FIRST® Robotics Competition intake or FIRST® Tech Challenge drivetrain.

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VersaPlanetary Ratchet Slice

Ratchet wrenches should be used to build your robot, not built into them. Make backdriving gearboxes a thing of the past with the VersaPlanetary Ratchet Slice. This simple add-on slice allows you to make any VersaPlanetary gearbox drive in only one direction. Perfect for hangers and other one-way mechanisms.

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VersaRollers & Belts

The VersaRoller system allows you to make almost any kind of roller in any length they can imagine with basic tools they have in their shop. The possibilities are almost endless! Tubes and hubs come high-strength aluminum or lightweight plastic, giving you the ability to add strength or remove weight where needed.

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VersaPlanetary Lite

The VersaPlanetary Lite takes everything you know and love about the VersaPlanetary Gearbox, and puts it into a lightweight plastic form factor. The VersaPlanetary Lite is perfect for FTC, and any low-stress FRC application.

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32 DP Gears


Chain Tools

Mag Encoder Mount

VersaHex Adapters

GT2 Belts & Pulleys

VersaBlock Mini

Universal Female Output Shaft