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Traction Wheels & Tread

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Traction Wheels & Tread

VEXpro Traction Wheels are designed to be the ultimate in versatility and performance. These wheels include the VEXpro VersaKey mounting system, which ensures every sprocket, hub, and gear are perfectly piloted -- no more wobbly sprockets!

Wheels are manufactured from Glass-filled Nylon. Each Traction Wheel comes assembled in 1” wide configuration and also includes all hardware for 1.5” and 2” wide configurations.

Traction wheel assembly hardware is separate from sprocket mounting hardware. Sprockets are screwed into captive 8-32 standoffs. This allows for easy removal and replacement of sprockets without disassembling the entire wheel. No more worrying about your whole wheel falling apart just because you wanted to remove the sprocket.

Each traction wheel includes holes for use as bearing retainers.

Choose your Wheel and Tread below. Note that tread and traction tires are sold separately.

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Mounting Hardware Guide

VEXpro Traction Wheels are designed to interface with the VersaKey mounting system found in VersaHubs and VEXpro Plate Sprockets for a perfect pilot every time. The captive standoffs included in the wheel accept (6) #8-32 screws. Use the following lengths for some common configuration options:

  • Mounting (1) Keyed or Hex VersaHub - 1/4" or 3/8" long screw
  • Mounting (1) Plate Sprocket and (1) Sprocket VersaHub - 1" or 1.25" long screw
  • Mounting (2) Plate Sprockets and (2) Sprocket Versahubs - 1.5" or 1.75" long screw
Material Type
  • Traction Wheel Body - Glass-filled Nylon
  • Tread - Rubber tread with a fiberglass reinforced base
Coefficient of Friction
  • 1.1

  • The CoF was measured between standard FRC carpet and the Traction Wheels. The test was done with a robot of known weight being tilted on an incline until the wheels began to slip.

    Traction Wheels
  • 217-2588 (4" Traction Wheel): 0.32 lb (as shipped)
  • 217-2589 (6" Traction Wheel): 0.58 lb (as shipped)
  • 217-2605 (8" Traction Wheel): 0.71 lb (as shipped)

  • Traction Tires
  • 217-2859 (4" Traction Tire): 0.25 lb
  • 217-2860 (6" Traction Tire): 0.375 lb
Other Info
Mounting Holes: (6) 8-32 threaded mounting holes (into captive standoffs) on a 1.875" bolt circle

Bearing Hole: 1.125" OD Bearing Hole

Bearing Retainers: (3) 0.130" holes (designed to self-tap with a #8 screw) on a 1.4" bolt circle

Load Rating: Conservatively rated for use on 200 lb robots
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