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  1. SRX Mag Encoder


    Out of Stock for 2018 FRC Season

    The Cross the Road Electronics SRX Mag Encoder is a rotary sensor that can be used to measure rotational position and velocity. The device senses the magnetic field of a diametrically polarized magnet to determine rotational position with 12 bit precision. The device provides both a Quadrature interface that may be used for relative position measurement and a Pulse Width Modulated output for absolute position measurement. The device connects directly to the Talon SRX data port and is directly supported in the Talon SRX firmware.

  2. Extension Cable Retaining Clip (10-pack)


    Plastic clips used for holding two 2-wire and 3-wire cables together with a rigid connection in an active environment.

  3. VersaPlanetary Integrated Encoder


    Out of stock

    Precise robot control just got easier. The VersaPlanetary Integrated Encoder is the simplest way to gain control over your mechanisms with encoder feedback straight from the popular VersaPlanetary gearbox. The included CTR Electronics SRX Magnetic Encoder outputs both relative (quadrature) and absolute (PWM) position signals, and connects directly to the Talon SRX without the need for a custom interface!

  4. Advanced Sensor Kit (275-1179

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    Most VEX EDR sensors are compatible for use in the FIRST Tech Challenge! Use these to aid in autonomous mode and other programmed functions.

    Note: To be compatible with FIRST Tech Challenge, VEX EDR sensors will need their connectors converted from male to female, or by using a female to female adapter.

  5. 2-Wire Extension Cable Bundle - (276-1429)

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    Use these extension cables to extend the length of your motor, sensors, and other electronics wires.

  6. Motor 393 Integrated Encoder Module installed

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    Integrated Encoder Modules are designed to provide you with direct and detailed information from your robot's motors, the Integrated Encoder Module installs easily by replacing the plastic cap on your 2-Wire Motor 393. You can then use programming software to read what direction your motor is moving, how fast, and its distance traveled.

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6 Item(s)