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  1. VersaChassis Mini (4 Mecanum)

    The VersaChassis Mini system was designed to be highly customizable, allowing teams the freedom to design almost any kind of drive system they’d like. The VersaChassis Mini was also designed to be lightweight so teams could maximize their power-to-weight ratio. This means you use less power accelerating and moving your robot, and more power playing the game and scoring points.

    Lightweight doesn’t mean low-strength. For example, the chassis is assembled with ultra lightweight 1” x 1” x 0.40” wall VersaFrame tubing and sheet-metal gussets. These are the same materials FRC teams have been using in their robots for years.

    In addition, two different VersaChassis Mini “Upgrade Kits” will allow you to get even more out of your drivetrain. The 6 Wheel Drive upgrade kit allows you to expand your basic VersaChassis Mini to be a 6 wheel drive. The H-Drive upgrade kit allows you to turn your VersaChassis Mini into an H-drive, giving your robot the ability to move in any direction with just 3 motors.

  2. Straight Flex Wheels (15 Choices)

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    Developed in collaboration with West Coast Products, Straight Flex Wheels are for use with intakes, conveyor systems and shooters.

    Flex Wheels are made of a super tough custom blend of silicone rubber - different than any other flexible or compliant wheel currently used by FTC or FRC teams. Each of our four wheel diameters are offered in 3 different durometers: the super soft 30A in light gray, the medium hardness 40A in dark gray and the hardest 60A in black. The varying hardnesses can be used to change the traction and compliance of your mechanism.

    The 1-5/8" and 2” diameter wheels have a 9mm hex, which is meant to be stretched on to a 1/2" hex shaft. The 3” and larger wheels have a 1” bore, which can be stretched over a VersaHub so they can be driven by a hex shaft, VersaPulley or plate sprocket. This also allows you to stretch these wheels over a VersaRoller tube to create a strong and lightweight roller.

  3. 4.75mm D Shaft Adapter Hub (217-5825)

    Starting at: $9.99

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    D Shaft Adapter Hubs bridge the gap between some of the different building systems in the FTC community by allowing easier accessibility to VEX EDR gears and wheels.

    D Shaft Adapter Hubs are meant to go on either 6mm D Shafts or 4.75mm (3/16”) D-Shafts. They have two different bolt patterns. The first is the 4x #8-32 tapped holes on a 1” bolt circle, which is commonly found on VEX EDR gears, sprockets and wheels. The second is 4x #6-32 tapped holes on a 16mm bolt circle, which is commonly found on Tetrix, Actobotics and AndyMark products.

    Other examples include:

  4. #25 Roller Chain

    Starting at: $2.99

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    Roller Chain in 10 foot lengths for use with any #25 or #35 Sprocket.

    • Available in #25H and #35
    • ANSI standard
    • Master Link included with 10 ft purchase
    • Chain Break Tools available to easily separate chain
  5. 4" Omni-Directional Wheel v2

    Starting at: $17.99

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    Omni-Directional wheels roll forward like normal wheels, but slide sideways with almost no friction (no skidding during turns). Use these wheels to make your robot turn smoothly or build a holonomic drivetrain.

    • Glass-filled Nylon Body
    • Compatible with VersaHubs
    • Custom rollers for each wheel ensure a round wheel and smooth ride.

    Ships fully assembled.

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