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  1. 3 CIM Ball Shifter (shown with 3 optional CIM motors)

    The ultimate FIRST ® Robotics Competition drivetrain gearbox. Ball-lock shifter enables seamless “on-the-fly” shifting at full speed in a compact, light & durable package.

    • Use with one, two, or three CIM-style motors
    • Configurable Reduction & Shifter Spread Options
    • Designed specifically for the FIRST Robotics Competition, Battle Tested by Champions
  2. VersaPlanetary 180° Drive

    It's sometimes just not possible to orient a gearbox in the preferred orientation. By “folding” the motor back on your VersaPlanetary gearbox, we’ve found a way to cut the length of your VersaPlanetary-plus-motor assembly in half.

    For an easy, off the shelf solution, you can use the 180 degree gusset kit and its associated GT2 belts and pulleys. Or, you also have the option of buying the standalone 180 degree drive block to integrate into custom designs.

  3. VersaPlanetary Gearbox (single stage)

    Modular planetary gearbox system designed specifically for use by FIRST ® Robotics Competition teams. The easiest way to put power where you need it in your design.

    • Adapts a variety of FIRST ® Robotics Competition motors (BAG, MiniCIM, RS-550, 775 Series, AM-9015, and CIM)
    • 4 output shaft options make integration easy
    • Six different planetary stages provide dozens of gearing options from 3:1 to 100:1
  4. VEXpro 2 CIM Ball Shifter - 2 Stage

    Highly compact 2 CIM version of our battle-tested two-speed transmission. Ball-lock shifter enables seamless “on-the-fly” shifting at full speed in a compact, light & durable package. Uses a long or short v2 shifter shaft.

  5. VersaPlanetary Lite Base Kit, 1:1, 3/8" Hex Output (217-5823)

    The VersaPlanetary Lite takes everything you know and love about the VersaPlanetary V2, and puts it into a lightweight plastic form factor. The VersaPlanetary Lite is perfect for the FIRST®Tech Challenge, and low-stress FIRST® Robotics Competition applications.

    The VersaPlanetary Lite uses a plastic housing and ring gear, and the existing gear sets from the VersaPlanetary. One of its cooler features is that you can mix and match components from the original VersaPlanetary, and the VersaPlanetary Lite. For example, you could use a plastic input and output with a metal ring gear, or a metal input and output with a plastic ring gear.

  6. VersaPlanetary Ratchet Kit (217-6048)


    Ratchet wrenches should be used to build your robot, not built into them. This simple add-on slice allows you to make any VersaPlanetary gearbox drive in only one direction.

    Unlike a ratcheting wrench, we’ve designed the VersaPlanetary Ratchet Slice to be as easy to release as possible. Just take the load off the ratchet, press the button, and the VersaPlanetary will spin in both directions again. Release the button, and the VersaPlanetary goes back to ratcheting.

    Inside, the ratchet itself is symmetrical. This means you can decide which direction the VersaPlanetary spins just by flipping the pawl. No need to completely disassemble your entire VersaPlanetary to change directions!

  7. Universal Female Output Shaft Kit (217-5839)


    The VersaPlanetary Universal Female Output Shaft Kit allows users to drive a variety of shafts directly from the Gearbox. This allows users to create custom length output shafts that are longer than a standard set length.

    This kit also includes adapters for three various shaft sizes:

    • 1/2" Hex
    • 3/8" Hex
    • 1/4" Square
  8. WCP SS - Single Speed Base Kit

    This 2-stage, single speed gearbox is designed from the ground up to be one of the most versatile and easily adaptable gearboxes in the marketplace.

    • Option for integration into West-Coast Style Drivetrain (includes chassis bearing block)
    • Five Gear Ratio Options Available, with no changes to plates
    • Designed to Direct Drive any VEXpro or WCP wheel
    • Extra Long Shaft can be cut to desired length
  9. WCP DS - Dual Speed Base Kit

    The West Coast Products DS Gearbox is the lightest Dog-Style shifting gearbox on the market. Like all West Coast Products items this gearbox is easily adaptable into a West-Coast style drivetrain, or into a conventional skid steer drivetrain.

    • Options for either two or three CIM-style motor inputs
    • Standard output or specializedspecialised West Coast Drive Mounting (includes WCD bearing block)
    • Extended length output shaft can be cut by teams to match their configuration
    • Mount to VersaChassis & direct drive any WCP or VEXpro wheel
  10. Single Speed, Single Reduction Gearbox (with optional CIM Motors attached)

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    Three motors into a one stage gearbox with reduction up to 7:1

    • 5.33:1, 6:1, 7:1
    • Designed for use with up to 3 motors
    • AGMA 11 quality gears with teflon infused ceramic coating
  11. Single Speed, Double Reduction Gearbox

    Two stage gearboxes with reduction up to 9.52:1

    • 2 CIM Motors
    • Housing is completely enclosed
    • Compatible with US Digital Encoder (all hardware included)
    • Compatible with Grayhill Encoder (coupler required)
    • AGMA 11 quality gears with teflon infused ceramic coating
  12. VersaPlanetary Dual Motor Input


    Dual motor input stage for the VersaPlanetary gearbox. Allows users to combine the power of two VEXpro BAG, RS-550, or 775 Series motors for additional versatility.
  13. VersaPlanetary CIM Adapter


    Makes it easier than ever before to mount a CIM or Mini CIM onto a VersaPlanetary and adapt it easily into your design!
  14. CIM-ile (with optional RS-550 motor)

    The CIM-ile gives teams the ability to emulate the RPM and mounting pattern of the popular CIM motor using two smaller motors in a compact, lightweight package. The precision VEXpro gears and glass-filled nylon housing create a system that is “similar” to a CIM and can be used with any gearbox or drive where a CIM would be used.

    • Accepts RS-550 or 775 Series motors
    • Single spur reduction to minimize size and weight
    • Can be used anywhere a CIM would be used
  15. Single Reduction Clamping Gearbox


    The Single Reduction Clamping Gearbox achieves versatility through its simplicity. This gearbox uses four bolts to clamp onto a piece of 1" x 2" VersaFrame tube - no precision machining needed. Once mounted, it mounts a CIM-style motor offset from a bearing block on a perfect 84-tooth gear spacing. Use this efficient setup to drive an upper mechanism with ease, or combine multiple gearboxes to create a smooth-running, lightweight VersaChassis.

    • Simple design for quick assembly and maintenance
    • Variety of gearing options
    • Combines with the Plastic Bearing Block for a second stage reduction

Set Descending Direction

15 Item(s)