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Motors & Electronics

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  1. Talon SRX


    The Talon SRX offers the latest in smart speed controller technology compressed into a robust, compact package. This latest iteration of the popular Talon platform from Cross the Road Electronics adds support for CAN, additional communication protocols, and integrated PID control.

    • Includes support for several communication protocols
    • Onboard PID algorithms grant quick access to advanced control
    • Compact, lightweight package is ideal for competitive robotics
  2. Victor SPX (217-9191)


    Ships in 4 Weeks

    The Victor 883 Motor Controller, revolutionary for its time, was the first product ever designed by Innovation First. Nearly twenty years later, the Victor SPX is the fifth generation of motor controllers designed for the FIRST® Robotics Competition. Designed in collaboration with CTR Electronics, the Victor SPX is 10% smaller and 25% lighter than the Victor SP, making it the smallest and lightest motor controller in FIRSTRobotics Competition history.

    In addition to PWM, this next generation of Victor now supports CAN. The Victor SPX also brings over many of the features from the Talon, including voltage control and closed loop position control.

  3. Victor SP



    This iteration of the Victor Motor Controller line features completely overhauled internals from its predecessor and an innovative case less than half the size of previous models.

    • Sealed enclosure prevents debris from getting inside
    • Convenient one-touch Brake / Coast Calibration button
    • Compact, lightweight package is ideal for competitive robotics
  4. Pneumatic Control Module


    The Pneumatic Control Module from Cross the Road Electronics provides an easy all-in-one interface for pneumatic components.

  5. Power Distribution Panel


    The Power Distribution Panel (PDP) from Cross the Road Electronics is the latest DC power interface for competition robotics. The PDP uses CAN to connect directly to the roboRIO and allows for individual current monitoring on each channel.

  6. Voltage Regulator Module


    The Voltage Regulator Module from Cross the Road Electronics provides access to different constant voltages for custom sensors, cameras, or other unique applications.

  7.  Electrical Wire (5 choices)

    Starting at: $6.99

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    Flexible electrical wire is perfect for wiring robots cleanly and effectively. Use it with motor controllers (such as the Victor SP or Talon SRX) or other key power transfer connections.

    • 600+ strands of high performance copper wire (Silicone wire only)
    • Flexible & durable casing
    • 25 ft. length
  8. Talon SRX Data Cable


    This 12" long cable contains female 2x5 pin data connections on either end to help facilitate Talon SRX external inputs. It can be used to connect the Talon SRX to feedback devices such as potentiometers, limit switches, analog & quadrature encoders as well as providing other future expansion options beyond what is currently supported.
  9. Extension Cable Retaining Clip (10-pack)


    Plastic clips used for holding two 2-wire and 3-wire cables together with a rigid connection in an active environment.

  10. Talon SRX Encoder Breakout Board


    This breakout board makes wiring a quadrature encoder or limit switch to the Talon SRX quick and easy. When connected to the Talon SRX through a ribbon cable , the breakout board provides solder pads for quadrature encoders (on the top) and limit switches (on the bottom).

  11. Talon SRX Analog Breakout Board


    This breakout board makes wiring 5V analog sensors to the Talon SRX quick and easy. When connected to the Talon SRX through a ribbon cable, the breakout board provides solder pads to help connect your necessary sensors. This breakout board is designed specifically for use with the Talon SRX - it scales a native 5V analog signal to a Talon SRX compliant 3.3V, helping 5V magnetic shaft encoders to "just work" without additional circuitry.

  12. CAN Connector


    The CAN Connector joins together two CAN devices. For devices that support a CAN bus (such as the Talon SRX), the CAN Connector can be used to "daisy chain" multiple devices together. See Section 1.3.2 of the Talon SRX User's Guide for more details.

  13. Gadgeteer Pigeon IMU


    The Pigeon, by Cross the Road Electronics, is an IMU (Inertial Measurement Unit) designed with FIRST® Robotics Competition teams in mind. This lightweight device has 9 degrees of freedom, and contains an accelerometer, a gyro, and a 3-axis magnetometer. It can be connected to the Gadgeteer Port on the Talon SRX or HERO for power, or it can be wired to the CAN bus while powered from a separate 12V source. Use it during autonomous as an easy way to measure direction or acceleration in a direction!

  14. 775pro


    The 775pro motor was designed in collaboration with West Coast Products. Including dual bearings, this open-case motor is more efficient than similar ones on the market. We've packed the power of a CIM Motor into a small and lightweight package. This motor is air-cooled, and designed to run at high speed; making it perfect for applications where it won't be stalled for long periods of time (like intakes, conveyors and shooter wheels). Match it with a VEXpro VersaPlanetary Gearbox and easily power up your mechanisms!

  15. CIM Motor


    The CIM motor can be used to power a drivetrain or other mechanism on large competitive robots.

    • FIRST ® Robotics Competition Legal
    • 12V DC Motor
  16. Mini CIM Motor


    The Mini CIM has 2/3 the power of a CIM motor, in a similar form-factor and with the same mounting. Similar output speeds allow Mini CIM motors to be combined in mechanisms with full-size CIM motors using the same gearing. Use this motor interchangeably with CIMs in your designs, then swap them in and out to put your power where you need it most.

    • FIRST ® Robotics Competition Legal
    • 12V DC Motor
  17. BAG Motor


    The BAG Motor is a motor designed specifically for medium-power applications on FIRST ® Robotics Competition robots. This motor is constructed similarly to the CIM & Mini CIM, with the sealed-case robustness FIRST ® Robotics Competition teams have come to love & trust.

    The VersaPlanetary was created with the BAG Motor in mind. Use a 100:1 VersaPlanetary Gearbox to turn the BAG Motor into a low-RPM, high-torque gearmotor ready for use in your application.

    • FIRST ® Robotics Competition Legal
    • 12V DC Motor
  18. VersaPlanetary Integrated Encoder


    Precise robot control just got easier. The VersaPlanetary Integrated Encoder is the simplest way to gain control over your mechanisms with encoder feedback straight from the popular VersaPlanetary gearbox. The included CTR Electronics SRX Magnetic Encoder outputs both relative (quadrature) and absolute (PWM) position signals, and connects directly to the Talon SRX without the need for a custom interface!

  19. Spike H-Bridge Relay



    Spike is a 20 Amp, H-Bridge Relay Module that is small enough to be remotely mounted almost anywhere on your robot. Spike is designed for driving small motors in forward, reverse, or stop (brake).

    • Ideal for 2 independent solenoids, light, pumps.
    • Design will accept auto-resetting circuit breaker.
    • Compact design.

  20. SRX Mag Encoder


    The Cross the Road Electronics SRX Mag Encoder is a rotary sensor that can be used to measure rotational position and velocity. The device senses the magnetic field of a diametrically polarized magnet to determine rotational position with 12 bit precision. The device provides both a Quadrature interface that may be used for relative position measurement and a Pulse Width Modulated output for absolute position measurement. The device connects directly to the Talon SRX data port and is directly supported in the Talon SRX firmware.

  21. Circuit Breakers

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    • 20A & 30A: ATC style auto resettable circuit breaker
    • 40A: MAXI style 40A auto resettable fuse
  22. Victor 888 Motor Controller



    Specifically engineered for robotic applications. Ideal for drive systems, arms, and lift systems.

    • High current capacity
    • Low voltage drop
    • FRC Legal
  23. 20A Spare Fuse for Spike



    Spare Fuse Pack for Spike Relay.

  24. Jaguar Motor Controller



    Variable speed control for both 12 V and 24 V brushed DC motors at up to 40 A continuous current. Analog and quadrature encoder interfaces, high-performance Controller Area Network (CAN) interfaces, and an RS232 port.

    • Quiet control of brushed DC motors.
    • High current capacity with low voltage drop.
    • Color-coded screw terminals for all power wiring.

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