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VersaPlanetary Ring Gears & Gear Kits

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Compatible with products and accessories.
FTC, FRC, VEX U legal.

Spare Ring Gears and Gear Kits for VersaPlanetary and VersaPlanetary Lite Gearboxes. (1) Ring Gear and (1) Gear Kit must be purchased to have a complete VersaPlanetary stage.

Note: VersaPlanetary Lite Ring Gears should not be used with VersaPlanetary Gearboxes.

Gear Kits
Grouped product items
Product Name SKU Qty
VersaPlanetary 3:1 Gear Kit VersaPlanetary 3:1 Gear Kit
VersaPlanetary 4:1 Gear Kit VersaPlanetary 4:1 Gear Kit
VersaPlanetary 5:1 Gear Kit VersaPlanetary 5:1 Gear Kit
VersaPlanetary 7:1 Gear Kit VersaPlanetary 7:1 Gear Kit
VersaPlanetary 9:1 Gear Kit VersaPlanetary 9:1 Gear Kit
VersaPlanetary 10:1 Gear Kit VersaPlanetary 10:1 Gear Kit
Ring Gears
Grouped product items
Product Name SKU Qty
VersaPlanetary Ring Gear VersaPlanetary Ring Gear
  • Gears - Rockwell C 55-62 Case Hardened Steel
  • Gears - Rockwell C 55-62 Case Hardening

VEXpro Gears Require Lubrication. We recommend white lithium grease.

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