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Bumper Switch (2-pack)

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Give your robot the sense of touch with the Bumper Switch and enable exciting new ways to trigger your robots capabilities . Compatible with the V5 Control System and the VEX ARM® Cortex®-based Microcontroller.

  • Provides instant feedback to the brain
  • Low force switch can detect light touch
  • Use to detect walls or limit an arms motion


  • Bumper Switch Sensor: The bumper sensor is a physical switch. It tells the robot whether the bumper on the front of the sensor is being pushed in or not.

  • Benefits:The bumper switch can help the robot avoid dangerous collision automatically.

  • Switch Info: SPST switch (“Single Pole, Single Throw”) configured for Normally Open behavior.

  • Switch Connection: Wired to normally open (OFF)

  • Signal Behavior: When the switch is not being pushed in, the sensor maintains a digital HIGH signal on its sensor port. This High signal is coming from the Microcontroller. When an external force (like a collision or being pressed up against a wall) pushes the switch in, it changes its signal to a digital LOW until the switch is released. An unpressed switch is indistinguishable from an open port.

  • Range Limits: Forces less than a pound can trigger the bumper switch (5.06 oz typical).


The bumper switch can allow a robot to navigate autonomously by avoiding hard collisions, such as hitting a wall. For example, a robot can be programmed to briefly freeze when the bumper switch is activated, and then reorient itself so that it is no longer driving towards the obstacle. Figure 2 shows where the bumper switch would be placed to be the first part of the robot to make contact with a wall or an obstacle.

Figure 2. (a) Bumper switch placement; (b) Placement close-up

  • (2) Bumper Switches
  • 0.042 lbs (19.05 grams)
  • Type: Momentary
  • 3-Wire Cable
  • Black: Ground
  • Red: No Connect
  • White: Control signal
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  • Compatible with all VEX Microcontrollers and 3-Wire Extension Cable