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Any Educator can teach Coding with VEX and PD+

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VEX 123 Classroom Bundles | PD+, Curriculum, 3 ways to code, STEM Library | Real World STEM

Touch Coding

Pressing 123 Robot buttons

Learners can code the 123 robot using touch to control movements and sounds. They learn sequences, logic and problem solving.

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Coder and Coder Cards

123 Coder

Learners progress to using coding Cards and the VEX Coder to control the 123 robot. They learn real programming away from tablets and computers.

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123 Robot and VEXcode 123

Learners use VEXcode with Drag & Drop blocks to code the 123 robot. Available for tablets, Chromebooks, Mac and Windows. Powered by Scratch 3.

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Two 123 Robots on 123 field

Robot Play Spaces Reinvented

From floor to table, set up the 123 field in any area for maximum engagement and controlled play spaces.

123 Robots on long winding field

Which 123 is right for you?

123 Education Kit

One 123 Robot, Coder and Cards

123 Robot Coder and Coder Cards


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123 Classroom Bundles

For 12, 24 or 36 students. 123 Robots, Coders and cards. Plus cases, fields, charging and more...

123 Robot Field Carrying Case Coder and Coder Cards

Starting at $949

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Kits and Bundles include Coding Software (VEXcode), Curriculum (STEM Labs) and the STEM Library.

123 STEM Labs

STEM Labs - Curriculum

  • Standards-aligned educational curriculum
  • Getting Started guides
  • Project-based learning activities
  • Instructional support in every lesson
  • Facilitation guides, rubrics, and more


$999 annual

  • STEM expertise that evolves with you
  • Connect with experts on STEM pedagogy
  • Ever-growing collection of educational videos on how to effectively teach STEM
  • Monthly webinars on STEM education
  • News and articles about STEM education
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STEM Library


  • Thousands of articles on STEM and VEX
  • Getting started
  • Robot design and engineering
  • Coding tips and techniques
  • STEM fundamentals
  • All online at

STEM Library