A modern education solution at your fingertips

Designed specifically for education and competition, and leveraging years of customer feedback, we’ve created a faster, smarter, and more powerful control system that is perfect for any learning environment.

V5 Robot Brain

Tap into the next generation of educational robotics

  • 21 Smart Ports that automatically detect devices
  • Eight 3-Wire ports for legacy VEX EDR Motors and Sensors
  • 4.25" Full-Color Touch Screen (magnetic screen protector included)
  • USB port and SD card slot
  • Competition practice mode - sync up with other robots and run practice matches
  • Multi-language support

V5 Wireless Controller

Take control like never before

  • Familiar, video-game style controller
  • Two analog joysticks and 12 buttons
  • LCD Screen provides real-time feedback from your robot
  • Built-in haptic motor - can be programmed to vibrate for special events
  • Integrated battery and radio

V5 Smart Motor

Advanced motion control in a smart, simple package

  • Each Smart Motor contains an Encoder and Motor Controller
  • Twice as powerful as the 2-Wire Motor 393
  • Motors can provide power to a full robot continuously
  • Window to identify user-changeable colored gearsets for 100, 200 and 600 RPM's.
  • Compatible with both high-strength and low-strength VEX EDR shafts
  • Detachable RJ11 connector wires, for custom length wiring solutions

Vision Sensor

A new perspective on STEM education

  • Capable of detecting colors, including multi-colored objects
  • Can track up to seven individual colors at once
  • Line tracking - see and analyze lines on the floor for advanced tracking and path planning
  • Collaborative evolution of the Pixy Camera
  • Built-in Wi-Fi camera - Live remote viewing with any Wi-Fi device

VEX Coding Studio

Multiple programming languages, device updates, and diagnostic tools all built into one package

VEX Coding Studio is a simple, intuitive programming environment to teach students of all skill levels how to program and keep them programming as their skills advance. VEX Coding Studio takes the best attributes from both Modkit for VEX and ROBOTC to create one seamless tool that lets students toggle back and forth between block-based and text-based interfaces. This seamless transition eases students into new programming environments while driving motivation to learn more advanced concepts in computer science.

Other features include:

  • Includes autocomplete, syntax assistance, color-coding, and UI themes
  • Program your robot with drag and drop blocks, or C++
  • Compatible with third party programming tools such as PROS and Robot Mesh Studio
  • Real-time debugging - Use the built in graphical dashboards to see and understand every aspect of your robot's motors and sensors
  • Fully compatible with Windows, Mac, Chromebook, iPad, and Android Tablet

STEM Labs spark innovation in the classroom


Discover new hands-on builds and programming opportunities to further your understanding of a subject matter.


Test your build, observe how it functions, and fuel your logic and reasoning skills through imaginative, creative learning.


Become a 21st century problem solver by applying the core skills and concepts you learned to other problems.


Is there a more efficient way to come to the same conclusion? Take what you’ve learned and try to improve it.


Understand core concepts and how to apply them to different situations. This review process fuels motivation to learn.

Our STEM Labs were designed by a team of classroom teachers and cognitive scientists who work closely with the world-renowned Carnegie Mellon Robotics Academy to conduct collaborative research on educational robotics and computer science. Each STEM Lab includes:

  • Structured lessons that provide easy entry
  • Engaging activities with real-world connections
  • Teacher materials for a painless implementation
  • Aligned standards for core skills and concepts

Trade-In Program

To help our customers transition to the latest technology, we're introducing a V5 trade-in program. Just send us your current VEXnet System Bundle (VEX ARM® Cortex®-based Microcontroller, a VEXnet Joystick, and (2) VEXnet Keys), to receive a 50% discount on the V5 System Bundle, which consists of the following:

  • (1) V5 Robot Brain
  • (1) V5 Wireless Controller
  • (1) V5 Robot Battery
  • (1) V5 Robot Radio
  • All necessary charging cables & adapters

Additional information about the V5 Trade-In program will be coming soon.