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VEX Robotics Copyright Notice
Effective date: April 19, 2021

Copyright 2021 Innovation First, Inc. (dba VEX Robotics) all rights reserved.

Innovation First, Inc. (dba VEX Robotics) owns all content and copyrights including all related intellectual property in and relating to VEX Robotics resources, materials, and digital assets.

Users are strictly prohibited from claiming ownership of any portion thereof and all use, reproduction, copying and publication shall include NOTICE OF COPYRIGHT advising "Copyright 2021 Innovation First, Inc. (dba VEX Robotics) All rights reserved."

All use of the copyrighted materials and related intellectual property shall be subject to the terms, conditions and limitations established by VEX Robotics which prohibit sale, licensing, rental or commercializing the VEX Robotics copyrighted materials.

While modifications of content are permitted, any and all modifications or derivative works and any content, materials and copyrights relating thereto shall be owned exclusively by VEX Robotics and may only be created and used solely with VEX Robotics's products.