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What's Next With VEX

You’re probably already familiar with the new competition games that come out annually, or major product launches like the V5 control system. However, VEX development teams are hard at work every day to continuously improve our products and ensure that you are getting the best experience possible!

Keep an eye on this page, updated monthly, for a peek behind the curtain to see what’s coming next!

Last Updated: February 2021.

Simplifies pin removal, insertion and part separation.

Available now here >

VEX Robotics has leveraged our 5th generation robotics platform, VEX V5, to the task of Automation Robotics. Using the wealth of robotics electronics, motors, sensors, mechanical and motion components, we developed the Workcell specifically for Career and Technical Education. Tied in with our successful VEXcode programming software, students can learn Factory Automation concepts in an approachable manner.

Pre-order here >

VEX IQ 6' x 8' Field Upgrade

Available as a 6'x8' field, or an “upgrade kit” for users who already have a 4'x8' field.

Available now here >

24" sections of High Strength Shaft. High Strength Shaft Hardware functions similarly to standard ⅛” shaft hardware, just on a larger scale.

Available now here >

Long Capped Shaft Add-On Pack

V5 Optical Sensor (276-7043)

Long Metal Capped Shafts, now available in their own Add-On Pack. Comes in 6x, 7x, 8x, 9x, 10x, 11x & 12x pitch lengths.

Available now here >

Detects colors (including grayscale) as a hue and RGB value. Can also detect short ranges and gestures.

Available now here >

Short Capped Shaft Add-On Pack

V5 Distance Sensor (276-4852)

Short Metal Capped Shafts, now available in their own Add-On Pack. Comes in 2x, 3x, 4x & 5x pitch lengths.

Available now here >

Laser rangefinder that can measure approximately 20mm to 2,000mm depending on object size.

Available now here >

Motor Shaft Add-On Pack (228-7456)

V5 Rotation Sensor (276-6050)

Metal Motor Shafts, now available in their own Add-On Pack. Comes in 2x, 3x, & 4x pitch lengths.

Available now here >

Absolute encoder that will give 360° position with a 0.1° resolution. Position will not be lost even when the device is not powered.

Available now here >

Flywheel Weight (228-7459)

V5 3-Wire Expander (276-5299)

Use the Flywheel Weight to prevent your shooter wheels from losing speed after firing or to add counterweights to keep your robot from tipping over.

Available now here >

Uses one V5 Smart Port to provide an additional 8 3-Wire ports. Identical in function to the built-in 3-Wire ports on the V5 Robot Brain.

Available now here >

Standoff Extender (228-7461)

12T Metal Gear (12-pack) (276-7368) 

Use a Standoff Extender in situations where you need a standoff to be just a bit longer. Comes in a pack of 100.

Available now here >

Metal version of the 12T gear found in the Claw Kit v2. Sold in a pack of 12.

Available now here >

Pre-order here >

STEM Labs available now!

Product availability: April 2021

VEXcode VR

Free to Use - Available at >

New Playgrounds Recently Added - Coral Reef Cleanup, Line Detector, Shape Tracer

Learn To Code - Computer Science Level 1 Curriculum now available here >

100% Web-based, no install or user accounts required

Available for Windows, macOS, ChromeOS (Chromebooks), iPads, Android Tablets & Kindle Fire Tablets

VEX AI Competition

VEX has spent the past two years developing the advancement that led to the new VEX AI Competition. The most critical was VEX GPS (Game Positioning System), followed by VEX AI game and field object detection, then finally VEX LINK robot-to-robot communications over VEXnet radios. Once we had all this software working on off-the-shelf processors and cameras, we realized that it would take another year to build custom VEX hardware. We did not want to wait a year for teams to start using this amazing technology, so we decided to release the software to teams, running on the same off-the-shelf hardware we were using. We are currently developing the formal VEX hardware for the 2021-2022 season.

Using off-the-shelf hardware for 2020-21. Nvidia Nano processor with Wi-FI, Intel RealSense Depth Camera, FLIR monochrome USB Camera, and VEX Software.

Availability: This hardware and software is provided with VAIC registration. It is not available to purchase separately.

(Previously VEXcode IQ / V5 Blocks)


Available for free download here >

Available for VEX 123, VEX GO, VEX IQ, and VEX V5

Block-Based, C++ (V5, IQ), and Python (V5) Languages Supported

Available for Windows, macOS, ChromeOS (Chromebooks), iPads, Android Tablets & Kindle Fire Tablets

The Game Positioning System is made up of a VEX Code Strip attached to the inside field perimeter and a V5 GPS Sensor attached to the robot.

Availability: No sooner than Q1 2021.
Legal for use in VAIC. Legality in VRC and VEX U for the 2020-2021 season not yet confirmed.

VEXcode Pro
(Previously VEXcode V5 Text)

VEX AI Camera

Available for free download here >

Industry-based C++ Coding IDE

Available for VEX V5

Windows & macOS Compatible

The VEX AI Camera combines a stereo color depth camera system, a microprocessor with a neural accelerator, and Wi-Fi into one small unit. It is powered by a V5 port, which allows programming on the V5 Brain or an optional Raspberry Pi.

Availability: No sooner than Q2 2021. Legal for use in VAIC. Legality for use in VRC and VEX U not yet determined.


VEX LINK is new robot-to-robot communication protocol that uses the existing VEXnet radios. The capability is already built in to the current V5 Brain and VEXnet Radio firmware. Documentation will be released in Q2 2020.