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What's Next With VEX

Keep an eye on this page, updated regularly, for a peek behind the curtain to see what’s coming next!

Last Updated: June 2024.

VEX CTE Workcell

Released January 2024

The VEX CTE Workcell kit, designed for Career and Technical Education, is a construction system for a robotic arm, conveyors, and sensors - brought together with our VEXcode coding software.



Coming Late 2024

Meet VEX AIM, the game-changing coding robot that will transform computer science education in middle and high school classrooms. With its AI Vision Sensor and agile omnidirectional drive, it provides an immersive, hands-on learning experience, accessible through both block and Python coding via VEXcode. This advanced robot brings CS education off the screen, providing limitless possibilities for lessons and activities with its unique capability to kick, catch, and interact with balls and barrels. With its compact design, standing at less than 3 inches tall, this robot effortlessly fits into any computer science classroom, making it an ideal addition to the learning environment.



Coming December 2024

The VEX AIR Drone is an advanced educational tool designed to enhance STEM learning by integrating drones into classroom activities and competitions, allowing students and educators to explore robotics, technology, and aeronautics. It offers versatile mission modules for various functions, an advanced dual-camera system for precise navigation, a touch screen controller with video streaming for live feeds and telemetry data, and a comprehensive sensor array for improved navigation and flight stability.

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Released August 2021

VEX PD+ is an on-demand streaming and learning platform that will enable users to learn from the best in both classroom and competitive robotics. A subscription to VEX PD+ contains access to a catalog of instructional videos, access to exclusive webinars, membership to a professional learning community, a STEM Lesson Library, and more.

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VEXcode VR Enhanced / VEXcode VR Advanced

Released March 2022

VEXcode VR Enhanced has improved the graphics and resource access from the original VEXcode VR, making it more engaging and accessible. With VEXcode VR Advanced you can teach Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, Self Driving Vehicles and bring competitions to the CS classroom.

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VEX 123 Kits & Bundles

Released August 2020

No Devices? No Problem! The 123 robot is programmable without a computer. Using the VEX Coder and physical cards, you can learn real programming away from screens.

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Spare 123 Programming Cards

Released August 2021

Spare programming Cards for VEX 123, available in a variety of languages. Comes in packs of 50.

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