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What's Next With VEX

Keep an eye on this page, updated regularly, for a peek behind the curtain to see what’s coming next!

Last Updated: February 2022.


Released August 2021

VEX PD+ is an on-demand streaming and learning platform that will enable users to learn from the best in both classroom and competitive robotics. A subscription to VEX PD+ contains access to a catalog of instructional videos, access to exclusive webinars, membership to a professional learning community, a STEM Lesson Library, and more.

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VEX 123 Kits & Bundles

Released August 2020

No Devices? No Problem! The 123 robot is programmable without a computer. Using the VEX Coder and physical cards, you can learn real programming away from screens.

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Spare 123 Programming Cards

Released August 2021

Spare programming Cards for VEX 123, available in a variety of languages. Comes in packs of 50.

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