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VEXcode VR

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  • Licenses prices are per Educator per year
  • Each license includes access for all the educators’ students, both in school and at home.
  • Licenses include one year subscription access and expiration time does not start until the license is activated.


  VEXcode VR Enhanced VEXcode VR Premium
Price $199 / educator per year

$499 / educator per year

Languages Blocks, Python (Browser) Blocks, Switch, Python (Browser), Python (VS Code) (2023)
Playgrounds 18+ with engaging graphics
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20+ with engaging graphics + AI and Data Science
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Competitions   Playgrounds simulating VEX Competitions (GO, IQ, V5)
PD+ Educator Certifications VEX PD+ Certifications, Community, Video Library, and 1-on-1 Sessions
Curriculum & Activities Yes Yes
Resources Online and Integrated Online and Integrated
Learning Submission Yes Yes
Offline version Yes Yes
Support VEX ForumEmail VEX ForumEmail, Online Chat, PD+ Community

Features subject to change
VEXcode VR Enhanced
VEXcode VR Premium