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VEX AIM Coding Robot

Quoting Now. Available Late 2024

Meet VEX AIM, the game-changing coding robot that will transform computer science education in middle and high school classrooms.  With its AI Vision Sensor and agile omnidirectional drive, it provides an immersive, hands-on learning experience, accessible through both block and Python coding via VEXcode.  This advanced robot brings CS education off the screen, providing limitless possibilities for lessons and activities with its unique capability to kick, catch, and interact with balls and barrels.  Moreover, its innovative robot-to-robot communication feature introduces a new dimension of collaboration, encouraging teamwork and interactive learning among students.  With its compact design, standing at less than 3 inches tall, this robot effortlessly fits into any computer science classroom, making it an ideal addition to the learning environment.

Bringing CS to Life!

  • Teaching hands-on Computer Science
  • Designed for the CS classroom (middle & high school)
  • AI Vision Sensor detects objects and AprilTags
  • Comprehensive CS Curriculum
  • Introductory PD Course included.  PD+ is available
  • Omnidirectional Drive: Omni wheels allow movement in any direction.
  • Multilingual Color Touch Screen: Displays menus, sensor data, user text and images.
  • User-Controlled Speaker: Enhances interaction with selectable sounds.
  • Precision Navigation: Includes gyro, accelerometer, and wheel encoders for accurate driving.
  • Programmable LED Lights: Customizable for an engaging visual experience.
  • Robot-to-Robot Communication: Enabled via Bluetooth for interactive learning.
  • Versatile Coding Options: Supports VEXcode Blocks, Switch, Python; and Visual Studio Code with the VEX extension.
  • Convenient Program Downloading: Transfer programs easily via Bluetooth or USB.
  • USB-Rechargeable Internal Battery: Ensures long-lasting, convenient power.

Robot height 2.8" (73mm)
Robot diameter 2.6" (65mm)
Robot weight 5.5 oz. (156 grams)