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VEX AIR Competition Drone

Ships Dec. 2024

Competition Drone

The VEX AIR Drone is an advanced educational tool designed to enhance STEM learning by integrating drones into classroom activities and competitions, allowing students and educators to explore robotics, technology, and aeronautics.

It offers versatile mission modules for various functions, an advanced dual-camera system for precise navigation, a touch screen controller with video streaming for live feeds and telemetry data, and a comprehensive sensor array for improved navigation and flight stability.

The drone and its controller are fully programmable using VEXcode Blocks, Switch, Python, and a Microsoft Visual Studio Code extension.

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Drone Physical

  • Compliance: Section 889 Compliant (more info)
  • Size: 190mm (length) x 220mm (width)
  • Weight: 249g (Max)
  • Power Source: 7.4v Lithium Polymer Battery
  • Motors: Brushless DC
  • Propeller Guards: Permanent 360 degree propeller duct

Drone Electronics

  • Forward facing camera – first person flight view.
  • Downward facing camera – Landing and object detection.
  • Optical Detection: Color and AprilTags
  • Flight: Optical position stabilization and navigation.
  • Inertial: Gyroscope and accelerometer.
  • Altitude: Bottom rangefinders for up to 5 m altitude.
  • Obstacles: Forward obstacle detection and avoidance.
  • Connectivity: Dual Band WiFi, Bluetooth, and USB.
  • Storage: 2 GB storage for images or video.
  • Firmware Security: Hardware-enforced firmware verification

Drone Modules

  • Module 1: Passive object manipulation.
  • Module 2: Motorized object manipulation.
  • Module 3: Magnetic object pickup and drop-off.


  • Controls: Dual joysticks and configurable buttons.
  • Screen: 5” LCD Color
  • Video: Views cameras on screen for first-person flying, landing and alignment.
  • Data: View telemetry data on screen.
  • Audio: Speaker for audio feedback.
  • Connectivity: Dual Band WiFi, Bluetooth, and USB.


  • Languages: Graphical blocks and Python.
  • Platforms: Windows, Mac, Chromebook, Tablet, and Browser.
  • Software: VEXcode and Microsoft Visual Studio Code


  • Drone Curriculum
  • Professional development
  • Documentation


The VEX AIR Drone is a cutting-edge educational tool designed to revolutionize drones in STEM. This drone seamlessly integrates into classroom activities and competitive arenas, providing students and educators with a hands-on tool to explore the principles of robotics, technology, and aeronautics. Built on the solid foundation of VEX Robotics’ experience in robotics, VEX AIR is not only a game changer but a platform for developing critical Career and Technical Education (CTE) skills.
  • Mission Modules
    • Designed for versatility with interchangeable mission modules
    • Modules attach to the underside of the drone
      • Enable functions including object interaction, pickup, transport, and drop-off
    • Available in various forms: passive mechanisms, motor-powered manipulators, magnetic object handlers
    • Quickly hot swapped to alter the drone’s operational capabilities
  • Advanced Camera System
    • Dual-cameras for aerial flying
    • Forward camera assists in navigation around obstacles
    • Downward camera aligns with ground objects for precise movement tracking and optical position holding
    • AprilTag detection for precise identification and location of supply depots, drop-off zones, and landing zones
    • Supports long-range color detection of objects
  • Touch Screen Controller with Video Streaming
    • 5" touch screen controller with live video feeds from both cameras
    • Aids in navigation, object interaction, and precise landings
    • Telemetry data overlay on video feeds for enhanced situational awareness
    • Quality joysticks, user-mappable buttons
  • Sensor Array
    • Equipped with sensors to improve navigation and coding precision
    • Forward-facing rangefinder for obstacle detection and avoidance
    • Downward-facing rangefinder for accurate vertical positioning
    • State-of-the-art gyroscopes and accelerometers for stable, controlled flight
    • Advanced battery management system for accurate calculation of remaining flight times
  • Coding
    • Programmable using VEXcode Blocks, Switch, and Python
    • Advanced programming with Microsoft’s Visual Studio Code extension
    • Control flight, navigation, on-screen graphics, and sound
  • Safety Features
    • Equipped with permanent propeller ducts to enhance safety during operation
VEX AIR Competition Drone (737-9000)
  • (1) VEX AIR Drone
  • (1) VEX AIR Drone Controller
  • (1) Module 1 - Passive
  • (1) Module 2 - Motorized
  • (1) Module 3 - Magnetic
  • (2) High Capacity Battery
  • (2) Low Capacity Battery
  • (1) Communication Headset
  • (2) Extra Propeller Set A (qty 4)
  • (2) Extra Propeller Set B (qty 4)
  • (2) USB-A to USB-C Cable (1pk, 1m)
  • (1) USB-A to USB-C Cable (4pk, 300mm)
  • (1) AC to USB-A Adapter (1-port, 15W)
  • (1) AC to USB-A Adapter (4-port, 48W)