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AI Vision Sensor

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Works with products and accessories.
VRC, VEX U, VAIRC legal.

The VEX AI Vision Sensor is an exciting new addition to the VEX V5 and EXP, providing powerful object detection capabilities. With AI object detection of various game objects, AprilTag detection, and color blob detection, this sensor elevates your VEX robot potential both in the classroom and on the competition field.

  • Color blob detection of up to 7 colors at once

  • Color code detection

  • AI object detection of generic VEX Classroom Game objects (Cube, Buckyball, Ring)

  • AI object detection of VEX Robotics Competition game objects (starting 2024-25)

  • AprilTag detection.  Printable AprilTags coming soon.


  • Works with VEXcode EXP, VEXcode V5 and Visual Studio Code Extension

  • Color & Color Codes supported now in Blocks, Python and C++

  • AI and AprilTags supported in Python and C++.  See VEX Library article for more information

  • AI and AprilTags support coming to VEXcode Blocks with future software update

  • This product replaces the VEX Vision Sensor (276-4850).