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V5 Pneumatics Kit

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Works with products and accessories.
VRC, VEX U, VAIC legal.

VEX Robotics Competition, VEX AI Competition, VEX U legal

This kit contains everything needed to get a classroom or VEX Robotics Competition team up and running with Pneumatics.

Pneumatics deliver fast and powerful linear motion that is useful in a variety of applications. Use pneumatics to power your robot's claw, intake deployment, or any mechanism that requires quick motion. In particular, pneumatics are useful in applications requiring only two positions (open/closed, up/down, etc.)

V5 Pneumatics Kit (276-8750)

  • (1) 75mm Stroke Pneumatic Cylinder
  • (1) 50mm Stroke Pneumatic Cylinder
  • (1) 25mm Stroke Pneumatic Cylinder
  • (1) Air Tank 200mL
  • (1) Air Pressure Gauge
  • (1) Air Pressure Regulator
  • (1) Air Pressure Regulator Mounting Bracket
  • (1) Tubing Cutter
  • (2) Double Acting Solenoid Driver Cables
  • (2) Double Acting Solenoids
  • (1) Shut Off Valve Fitting
  • (8) Elbow Fittings
  • (5) Tee Fittings
  • (2) Air Flow Valve Fittings
  • (10) Straight Male Fittings
  • (1) Straight Female Fittings
  • (1) Valve Stem
  • (10) 4mm Plugs
  • (3 Meters) 4mm Tubing

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