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VEX EXP Education Kit

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Single Classroom Robot Kit

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  • EXP Bins - 14.4" x 11.0" x 2.90"
  • EXP Bin 1 - 5.25 lbs (2.38 kg)

  • EXP Bin 2 - 8.55 lbs (3.88 kg)

EXP Robot Battery

  • EXP Robot Battery has internal rechargeable Lithium Ion cells
  • EXP Robot Battery is charged through a USB-C connector
  • EXP Robot Battery charge time is 2.5 hours
  • EXP Robot Battery should last a full classroom day

EXP Controller

  • EXP Controller has an internal rechargeable Lithium Ion cell
  • EXP Controller is charged through a USB-C connector
  • EXP Controller should last for months on one charge