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VEX Robotics Educators Conference Registration

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Learn about the VEX Robotics Educators Conference

Educators Conference Frequently Asked Questions

The VEX Educators Conference standard registration is available for $399, which includes access to the Conference, standard workshop session registration, and seating for the VEX Dome Finals, space permitting. 

For a more comprehensive experience, the VEX Professional Development Plus (PD+) All-Access subscription is a superior value. 

This package not only includes complimentary conference registration but also offers a free copy of "What STEM Can Do For Your Classroom" at check-in, priority in workshops and 1-on-1 session registrations, and priority seating at the VEX Dome Finals. 

Post-conference access to all session recordings in the video library, allowing attendees to revisit and reflect on their learning experiences at their convenience.

VEX Professional Development Plus (PD+) provides ongoing, year-round, personalized professional development to support you no matter where you are on your STEM teaching journey.

Learn about VEX Professional Development Plus

  Conference Registration All-Access PD+
Registration for the 2024 VEX Educators Conference 1-on-1 sessions 1-on-1 sessions
Educators Conference Workshops 1-on-1 sessions 1-on-1 sessions
Educators Conference Special Events  1-on-1 sessions 1-on-1 sessions
Educators Conference 1-1 Sessions  1-on-1 sessions 1-on-1 sessions
Seating for the VEX Dome Finals on April 30 (Subject to Availability) 1-on-1 sessions 1-on-1 sessions
Free Copy of "What STEM Can Do For Your Classroom" at Check-in    1-on-1 sessions
Year-Round 1-1 Sessions    1-on-1 sessions
VEX PD+ Video Library   1-on-1 sessions
VEX PD+ Masterclasses   1-on-1 sessions
VEX PD+ Live Sessions   1-on-1 sessions
VEX PD+ Professional Learning Community   1-on-1 sessions
VEX PD+ Educational Insights Articles   1-on-1 sessions